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Here is How You Can Style Your Scarf the Diva Style!

Scarf styles
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Scarves and dupattas are presumably the simplest way to amp up any look. From wearing them as a bandana to a neck wrap to transforming them into a jacket, there are various ways you can style your scarf, making them look new each and every time. What’s more, if you thought scarves were only for winters, reconsider! Not only can scarves be worn all as the year-round, they can likewise take any ordinary outfit up an indent! Read on for some style tips and fashion inspiration from our Bollywood divas.

Before we see how our Bollywood divas amplify their looks, let’s see a few details of the scarf first.

  • Pick the right one 

Scarves come in an assortment of textures, fabrics levels of lengths and heft. Confused about the style of scarf that you should wear? Settling on the correct one as indicated by the season and event is very important, with the goal that you’re comfortable sporting the scarf while also looking style forward.

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When it comes to selecting the fabric, Silk is just right for all the seasons. It is light, is a temperature controller, wicks away sweat effectively and dries rapidly as well! Chiffon and light cotton scarves work in the summers and are ideal for the monsoon months providing an extra layer of warmth and drying quickly should you get caught in an unexpected downpour. Move on to wool and mixed knits to keep you toasty in winters.

Now that you know which scarf to pick in what season, here are some cool ways you can style your scarves and dupattas:

  • Wrap it like a headband
scarf as a headband
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The easiest way to style your scarf is to tie it like a headband. Crease the scarf multiple times in the sideway direction to make it into a slim, narrow and tight strip. From underneath your hair, bring the scarf up and integrate the two finishes in a bow. There you are, looking all cute! 

  • Make a jacket out of it
scarf as a jacket
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If you have a colorful looking scarf, you can transform it into a fun jacket for all your dance-filled evenings! Overlap the scarf the long way. Then, unite the two closures and bunch them together, to make circles for the arms. Put your arms through them and you are all set to party all this, looking all funky and fashionable. 

  • Wrap it around your neck
scarf on neck
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Take a square scarf and crease it corner to corner. Holding it beneath your neck, take both the finishes back and fold them over your neck. Fold the last details under the scarf and you’re prepared!

Now that you are aware of who you can style the scarf you have in multiple manners, here are some ways to pair it right the diva way! 

If mixing and matching the textures, colors and prints is your strength, you’ve just got this! If not, this is what you can learn from our celebs.

Here’s Shilpa Shetty Kundra adding enthusiasm to her generally plain outfit with a printed scarf!

Shilpa shetty wearing scarf
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Our in vogue diva never failed to rouse us from her imaginative and extraordinary looks. This time she is wearing a scarf like a headband and looking at all sunshines.

Sonam Kapoor wearing scarf
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Jacqueline Fernandez appears to cherish adding prints to her outfits as a scarf. In the center snap, she can be seen brandishing a neckerchief!

Jacqueline Fernandez wearing scarf
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We have seen her more often than not posting selfies with her better half on social media. But this Bollywood diva consistently gives us design motivation to follow. Follow her straightforward look in this season by wearing a silk scarf in a hurry.

Tempted by the Bollywood scarf look?? Get your scarf know

Sonam Kapoor wearing scarf
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Interminable beauty Sushmita Sen amps up the warmth in a strong red coat dress with the printed scarf just adding oomph to the group.

sushmita sen wearing scarf
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Karisma Kapoor tells us the best way to do lovely right. When wearing a multi-shaded outfit, pick one shading you like and play it up

Karisma Kapoor wearing scarf
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Alia Bhatt keeps it basic in an all-dark outfit, however picks a printed scarf to break the dullness. Also see, how she has tied the scarf!

Wanna look like a diva with your trendy scarf styles?

Alia Bhatt wearing scarf
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Follow some guidelines from Malaika Arora’s experience and transform your scarf into a bandana. We totally love easy chic!

Malika Arora wearing scarf
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All these Bollywood divas always have so many inspirations and ideas in their pocket, that’s why they always amazed us from their looks as well as their way of living their life. Get inspired by these beauties and style your scarf differently this winter. 

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