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How To Grow Your Beard Faster

Grow your beard
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For men, the beard is associated with their masculinity and at one point in our lives, we have asked this question to ourselves, ‘Why can’t I grow a beard?’ The desire to have a long and shiny beard can be reckoned by the fact that ‘grow a beard faster’ is one of the most searched Google phrases. 

As teenagers, hormones take control of our life and it makes us question things that don’t really make a lot of sense. At the tender age of 15 or 16, small patches of beards start appearing on our face and it becomes quite irritating when these patches don’t turn into a thick beard. However, puberty hits differently to different people and at a different time. There are some who have difficulty in growing beards at the age of 28 while there are some who walk with a proud mane of hair at the age of 18.

Though there are no hard and fast rules for growing facial hair, there are few factors that affect your hair growth. In this article, we will talk about some tips on growing thick beard faster and naturally.


Male Exercising
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The growth of your beard is directly associated with the testosterone levels in your body. The higher the testosterone levels in your body, the more likely you are to grow beard. The testosterone levels are at their highest 48 hours after working out. So, the heavier you lift, the higher is your testosterone level and the thicker is your beard. Here are some wardrobe essentials that you should follow.

Exercising regularly clears the pores of grime and dead skin from the face and sweats out the toxins that affect your overall health. Working out increases the blood circulation throughout your body, including your face. Encouraging circulation helps in absorbing nutrients and oxygen more effectively which stimulates hair growth too.

You should keep in mind that exercising alone wouldn’t help you achieve your goal. A well-balanced diet which includes proteins and other nutrients is also important for hair growth as well as the overall health of your body. 


Skincare products

If you want to grow thick and healthy hair you should start taking care of your face skin. To stimulate hair growth, you should wash your face regularly with a mild facewash. It cleanses the skin, removes dead cells and oil and allows better and healthier growth of beard.

Besides, cleansing your skin, it is also important to clean your beard regularly. Just like your head, your facial hair also needs a wipeout of impurities and particles that lay on the hair and hinders its growth. Today, men are more careful about their skin and health unlike old times and this has lead to the introduction of skincare products especially for men. You should use beard oil for nourishing your facial hair with necessary nutrients and beard shampoo and conditioners to add strength and density to your beard. Here are some skincare essentials that you should follow.


Male in Stress - beard
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Stress reduces your body’s ability to revive testosterone and also restricts the flow of vitamins to the hair follicles. Stress causes the thinning of your hair which eventually falls out from its root. If you have anxiety issues or take a lot of stress, you should consider doing meditation or yoga and other physical exercises. Indulging in a new activity or hobby is also helpful in removing stress. 8 hours of sleep is necessary to boost hair growth as well as testosterone level.


Male Smoking - beard
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Smoking has always been linked to hair fall and other adverse health effects. Smoking cigarettes have the same effect as aging. It disables proper blood circulation to the roots and causes hair damage and breakage.

Smoking hinders the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals found in food by making you feel full. If you smoke cigarettes regularly, your beard will grow grey prematurely.

You should leave smoking immediately and make your loved ones do the same to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.


Male drinking water - beard
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It is really important to remain hydrated all the time. Not only your body but your scalp as well as your facial hair needs enough water to sustain its growth. Water helps in the proper circulation of oxygen and other important vitamins and minerals in your body that is necessary to grow hair. (Read More on how to grow your hair faster).

Without the right amount of water intake, the cells won’t regenerate as quickly because of the lower flow of nutrients and oxygen and it will result in a drier beard.

Other Important Tips To Remember For Beard Growth

  • Exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead cells.
  • Use moisturizers often to massage it on your face and beard.
  • Vitamins A, B, C, and E in your diet will accelerate hair growth.
  • Take biotin every day for healthier hair.
  • Increase the amount of protein in your diet
  • Groom your beard after 6 weeks of its growth
  • Shaving every day will not make your beard grow faster
  • Apply amla oil to boost facial hair growth

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