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Your Ultimate Slipper Guide Is Here! How to Clean, Wear and Choose Your Loved Slippers!

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You come home, throw yourself on the sofa and get ready to relax in the warm whilst the winter battles away outside – the only problem is, your feet are still cold and feel isolated without protection, even inside. There isn’t a feeling more comfortable than sliding your tired toes into a pair of slippers after a long day. Everyone has a favorite pair of slippers – well-loved, dog-eared and perhaps a little overworked. The solution as we know is to wrap them up in a pair of slippers, but how did they come about, and why do we wear the same designs now? A cool new style of slipper is here.

We don’t have the answer to the first question, as what we know as slippers today can be traced back to the beginnings of human history. 

Now that we know these slippers are to be worn on daily basis, keeping your slippers clean can breathe new life into an old pair or help maintain a new one for longer.

It is important to wear your slippers?

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You may have found your perfect pair of slippers and decided they are the perfect match for you. However, we rarely give the same thought to cleaning our slipper as we do to our outdoor shoes. Just like your outdoor shoes, slippers may smell if they are not cared for correctly – so knowing how to clean your slippers is vital. One should wear heated slippers at home!!

Here are our top tips for maintaining clean slippers.

Find out if they’re machine washable 

The best way is to check the label – if your loved pair of slipper are machine washable, toss them in on a low temperature and use a short, slow spin. Beat the winter chills!!

Hand wash your slippers 

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Using warm water with a mild detergent, give them a good rub and a short soak. Rinse thoroughly before gently pushing the excess water out of the slippers.

Don’t wring them

Wringing may cause your slippers to lose their shape. By using a towel, soak up the excess water when you’ve finished cleaning your slipper.

Protect suede slippers with stain-resistant spray 

You should also be able to blot most stains with a dry towel and use a suede brush to keep them clean. You can treat sheepskin slippers in a similar manner, but it’s best to avoid putting these two types in the washing machine.

Treat odors

If you think it has been long that you have washed your slippers and now that have a slight odor popping, give your slippers a quick wipe down with a baby wipe. Using the Bicarbonate of Soda can also freshen up smelly slippers by acting like dry shampoo. Sprinkle it in the slippers, leave for a few hours, and then vacuum out with a nozzle attachment. Curious to find why should you have house slippers??

But the question is, why wear slippers?

At the end of a long day, it’s important to treat your feet well and give them a rest from more formal shoes. Putting on a pair of slippers when you get home is a great way to keep your feet warm and free from pressure. Find out more benefits to having slippers at home.

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For many people, such as the elderly or people with diabetes, slippers are also beneficial in helping to maintain a good flow of blood to the feet. Slippers also help:

  • Keep your feet warm – helping to ward off potential illnesses as the body has to do less work to keep warm.
  • Protect your feet – slippers protect the soles of your feet from standing on anything dirty or sharp around the house, keeping your feet clean and protected.
  • Provide grip indoors – potentially preventing you from slipping over on wood, laminate and tiled surface floors.

Are heated slippers good for your health??

The importance of fitting slippers correctly

Wrong fit slipper
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To make sure your slippers are doing your feet some good, it’s important to know how they should fit. Just because they’re soft and informal doesn’t mean they should be too big or too small. Ill-fitting slippers is often what makes some people wonder if slippers are safe because they’ve heard too many horror stories of people falling over in loose-fitting slippers on hardwood floors. Take as much care when purchasing slippers as you would with any other pair of shoes – check out our size guides for men, women, and kids. How to beat the winter chills.

Which slippers are the best?

footwear types

The answer to this all depends on what you’re expecting your slipper to do for your feet.

  • Sheepskin slippers – if you’re looking for warm, luxury slippers, these are the ones for you.
  • Bootie slippers – a cheaper alternative to sheepskin slippers that will still keep your feet warm and cozy.
  • Flip flop slippers – this particular style, along with slippers made of cotton or toweling, is great for letting your feet breathe and keeping them cool.
  • Specialist slippers – some manufacturers specialize in slippers with built-in arch support, for those of us with foot problems.
  • Flat slippers – these have closed in toes and heels for better support while also remaining comfortable.

When should I wear slippers?

Slippers are fast becoming one of the most versatile and on-trend forms of footwear. Slippers are moving from the indoors to the outdoors, as seen on many celebrities. You might find that some styles of more shoe-like slipper, such as moccasins, can be worn outside. This winter, get your pair of heated slippers, to through away the winter blues.

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