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How Often Is Too Often While Washing Your Hair??

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Ever wondered how B-town celebrities always maintain such healthy, glossy hair while you go to your 9-5 job with boring greasy hair. Greasy hair is an everyday battle for all of us. Washing hair too often is said to be disastrous while not washing it for too long might also be tragic. There might exist, no fixed middle ground as such because each one of us has different hair altogether. It is, therefore, necessary to jot down a specific hair schedule individually. This might seem like a hectic task but trust me, it helps. One needs to work a little for their crowning glory if not go all set to the parlor on a daily basis. A hair schedule undeniably depends on the individuals’ lifestyle, hair type, texture, physical activity, and this list goes on. Some facts about shampoos that you should know.

In the shower, everything seems all daisy but stepping out of the shower shows you unintended results that will drive you in circles. It is by now well known and established that washing your hair too often, makes it brittle and dry while leaving it without a wash makes it lifeless and dirty. Now, to approach a common ground from these extremes, one needs to know their hair well enough. 

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On an average, it is suggested that an individual needs to wash their hair twice a week because the shampoo does as much harm as it serves the purpose. There is alternative though; one can also wash their hair every 2 to 3 days. It is somehow believed that the hair trains itself; lesser the number of times you wash it,  it adapts itself by reducing the oil released. While on the other hand, if you wash your hair very often, it adapts to being stressed by chemicals thus causing a higher release of oils, making it more oily once you stop washing it often. Why should one apply a conditioner?

Daily Or Alternate Days

This is for all those who have a greasy and dirty scalp. For those with fine hair, living in a humid region with heavy perspiration or those who do heavy exercise. It is ideal for you to wash your hair on a daily basis or every alternate day. Those with an oily scalp with dandruff might also have to resort to the same. For those experiencing the above situations, it is suggested that you use sulfate-free shampoos with low chemical content. Washing your hair daily might result in the heavy usage of chemicals thus resulting in the heavy release of oils or ruining the hair. Overuse of shampoo might cause dryness, breakage, and split ends. Conditioning agents, silicones or oily agents are a big no for the greasy hair. Make a DIY conditioner.

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Whenever You Feel Like It

If you have the luxury of normal hair that isn’t too greasy or too dry, you can choose to wash your hair every time you feel like it. Thicker hair can genuinely go straight without being washed for 3 or more days. While it’s a similar case if you have curly hair. The benefit of thick or curly hair is that the oils take a longer duration for the oils to seep through the scalp to the hair shaft. In other cases, if you have hair that is in between all sorts of hair types or the one which chooses to box out, you can wash it as and when you feel that it is getting too greasy or frizzy. 

Talking about dry hair which another extreme, it is suggested that a maximum of two times a week would suffice. Shifting to sulfate-free surfactants with a high concentration of moisturizers for dry hair would moisturize the roots while also cleanse the dirt within. Technicalities Behind The Working Of A Conditioner

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There exists no shoe that fits everyone, similarly there exists no same method for everyone. If you think you are washing too much, try cutting it down or on the other end, you think that you’re washing it too less, try washing it more. This hit and trial process will help you analyze how your hair is reacting and the steps you need to take to adjust it according to your needs. Once you’ve realized that, give time for your hair to adjust to your new pattern.

Some additional facts you need to keep in mind are regarding the use of shampoo and conditioner. Always remember that the shampoo is for the scalp while the conditioner is for the hair. Pamper your hair with one of these conditioners. Try avoiding the shampoo near the ends of your hair as they are the most brittle and oldest portions, usage of chemicals in that region might result in breakages and split ends. While on the other hand try not to apply the conditioner to your scalp. Conditioner, adds on to the oils in the scalp, making it more greasy than usual. Check out how the conditioner works to understand it better.

Try out a schedule that suits you and give your hair some time to realize and adjust. Nothing can happen overnight!

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