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Hair Story Of Shampoo

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Hair seems to be the most important part of the body which everyone wants to flaunt irrespective of age and gender. More often than not it makes one more confident and feels comfortable in their own skin. The only thing that keeps this crowning glory fresh and healthy is shampoo. Shampoo for most of us is a daily knick-knack and quite often we tend to choose the one which appears most attractive and hits the market. This hit and trial method while using the shampoo is a continuous cycle that somehow never seems to get old. Try getting yourself one of these shampoos then

Shampoo lathers, studs and foams and seems to have kept out hair healthy for over years altogether. Despite fiercely pouring a dollop of shampoo and lathering it while seriously indulging in some shower thoughts, has anyone of you ever thought about the evolution of this dollop of shampoo?

Undeniably, none of you beauty buffs has ever paid attention to such details. So we think it is high time you spare some time looking up the evolution of shampoo from its earliest versions to the complicated formulas that we have today. You probably would have expected Egyptians to be the ones to start this revolution. That’s where you’ve got it all wrong. It is Indians. Here is a list of shampoos that work best with Indian hair.

Around the 1760’s people of Indiana, subcontinent used a variety of Ayurvedic herbs and extracts to cleanse their hair on a daily basis. It is claimed that the earliest shampoo was made out of soap nut or shikakai and gooseberries are commonly known as amla. Dried amla mixed with warm shikhai water was used to rinse the hair during the second half of the 18th century.

The word shampoo thus originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Chapayati’ which evolved into become ‘Champo’ in the Hindi language and then moved on to become Shampoo as it moved across territories.

Then in Britain, Sake Dean Mahomed opened baths dedicated to hair wash and began the hair revolution during the early 19th century. The ancient procedure of ‘champooi’ then evolved to ‘Shampooing’ as it entered Britain. People began to visit the bath for a hair massage followed by a refreshing hair wash which was curated with plant extracts as such. After this massive revolution, hairstylists began boiling soap shaving with herbs and extracts and used this self-curated mixture to wash the delicate locks. After continuing washes, there seem to have been the development of an unhealthy finish on the locks which seemed to raise alarm amongst everyone. How to wash your hair properly.

Later in 1903, Germany a Berlin-based chemist, Hans Schwarzkopf, developed a shampoo, then called Schaumpon, a violet-scented powder. It became extremely popular and was available in the local drugstores of Germany. The first liquid shampoo was then introduced by Schwarzkopf in 1930 across Europe.

Fast-forwarding to the 1970s, shampoo ads started hitting the television assessing that they were nothing like the previous ones and would help nourish hair to the farthest extent. Cosmetic companies then began their investments and with the persistent industrial revolution that captured Europe, this industry also began blooming. Ads featuring Farrah Fawcett and Christie Brinkley had begun to attract an audience to a great extent into entering the world of shampooing. Up your shampoo game by trying one of these shampoos. Later Donna Alexander began advertising for the Break shampoo. She broke stereotypes by becoming the first African-American woman with a veterinary-science degree to appear for a Shampoo ad. Shampoo ads then upgraded their game by warning people not to drink it.

It doesn’t really go without mentioning about conditioners. Conditioners were then developed to soften the facial hair for men. They were mainly used for softening the beard and mustaches. It wasn’t much later when women realized the conditioner could work equally well on the hair as well. But still many times the working of the conditioner seems like a mystery to most of us. Here are some shampoo hacks that everyone should know.

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The age-old Pantene then came up with the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner formula. This seemed to have almost captured the world. Then began the journey of many of the brands which are extensively used in the markets today. New brands seem to be on the rise. (Try out these shampoo brands too.) And people seem to be really keen on keeping up with the trend.

That’s where this hair-story, I meant the history of shampoos began and elapsed into the present-day ones. Nobody, I bet nobody would have expected India to be this well versed with the concept of keeping themselves hygienic and clean. And it doesn’t go without saying, shampoo needs to be accompanied with the conditioner, So groom your hair with one of these shampoos which seem to have hit the markets and are doing wonders.

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