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Best Ways To Clean Your Flasks and Keep It In Good Spirits

Hip Flask Cleaning
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Like buying your own apartment or rolling your own cigarettes, sporting your own flask of alcohol is not only a great “You are so cool” conversation starter, but it also saves you a lot of money. Yeah, it can sometimes come off as either pretentious or bum-like, but let the haters hate while you are drinking Johnnie Walker straight out the side pocket. Then, in a comically slurred voice, yell out: “I don’t care what you think….I’m so happyyyy.” And stumble away.

Flasks are said to be a little old-school, but over the period of time, they are making a comeback with a lot of new looks and features. And these spirit keepers come with an instruction manual which needs to be followed very seriously! Why not buy a nice hip flask!!

So here we have for you a run-down of things you got to do to take care of your hip flask:

1| Caring For Your Flask

As it is always advisable to wash anything new before use, so is it advisable to wash your new flask with water before your first use (Some great advice about hip flasks). It is never a bad idea to wash this baby up before filling it up with some nasty amount of liquor for the first time. A thorough rinse with some hot water will probably suffice, but if you are a little conscious, you can also add a little bit of dish soap for the first wash as well. 

When it comes to using soap for the wash, it is advisable to take care to use a very tiny amount of diluted soap – just a drop or two – as it can be difficult or impossible to fully rinse the soap out of a flask, as by now you know that the opening of the flask is very very narrow. Get your own hip flask now!

2| Clean Your Flask With Hot Water Between Uses

If you are a brand loyal person and stick to one brand and type of alcohol and are not planning to switch to the type of liquor you keep in your flask, cleaning with plain tap water between uses is usually sufficient. 

To have a good clean that will make your flask ready for second use is to boil 2 cups of water, and carefully pour the water into the flask while it is still hot. Put on the cap and give the flask a good shake for about a minute, then dump the water out. Read how to properly use a hip flask.

Stainless steel will heat up very quickly when you pour hot or boiling water into it. Wrap a dishtowel around the flask or use an oven mitt to keep yourself from getting burned.

3| Use Lemon Juice Or White Vinegar For An Extra Thorough Cleaning

If you think that you have not given your flask a good, a more serious cleaning, or if you think that there are a few lingering flavors in your flask that you want to get rid off, you can pour in some lemon juice or distilled white vinegar to deep clean your spirit baby. Learn the history of hip flasks.

For the deep clean procedure, use some good about of lemon juice or vinegar so that your flask is mostly full, but leave some space at the top so that it becomes easy for you to shake the liquid inside. Turn the cap of the flask on and shake vigorously for about a minute, then pour out the lemon juice or vinegar and rinse with water.

This type of cleaning is useful if you plan to switch to a new type of liquor. The lemon juice or vinegar will help eliminate any residual flavor from the liquor previously-stored in hip flasks. (Get yourself a new and fancy hip flask)

Use only distilled white vinegar to clean the flasks. Other types of vinegar may leave lingering flavors.

Always rinse flasks thoroughly after washing it with lemon juice or vinegar. The acids from these cleansers can damage the flask and affect the taste of your liquor if they are not completely rinsed out. If you still smell lemon or vinegar, give it a second rinse. The ultimate guide on how to use hip flasks is here.

4| Add A Mild Abrasive To Scrub Out Residue

Cleaning Hip flask with soap and water
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If your flask is extra dirty, toss in a small handful or 2 tablespoons of coarse salt, rice, or baking soda along with your cleansing liquid. These substances will help scour out any stubborn dirt or residue without being too hard on the stainless steel. Fill up your flasks about two-thirds full with your cleansing mixture, put the cap on, and shake the flask hard for 30-60 seconds. Dump out the contents and rinse thoroughly with water. Don’t know how to use your hip flask to its full potential? Read This!!

Baking soda will dissolve quickly and create a fizzy (and potentially messy) reaction when mixed with lemon juice or vinegar. This reaction is not dangerous, but you may wish to stick to mixing baking soda with water if you want to avoid it. Learn the history of hip flasks.

5| Let Your Flask Dry Completely After Cleaning

Whenever you are done cleaning your flask, store it upside-down and uncapped in a drying rack until the inside of the flask is completely dry. Capping a flask that is still damp can lead to mildew or bacterial growth, and no one on earth wants to intake a few bacteria with some alcohol right? Once your flask is dry, store it in a cool, dry place, such as a kitchen cabinet. Be the best at sneaking hip flasks.

Along with the cleaning procedures and steps, there are a few flask etiquettes that the flask owners should follow

Our advice is to choose carefully when you carry and drink from a flask.

Here are a few flasks Dos and DON’Ts:

  • DO be aware that though Prohibition is long gone, many states have open container laws that prohibit bottles, cans, and flasks with a broken seal or that have been previously opened from being carried in public (aside from a car trunk). Check your local laws.
  • DON’T attempt take a filled flask on an airplane, as they won’t let in outside alcohol nor will it pass the TSA
  • DO carry it to a wedding party, a friend’s house or other private places where you know you will not find your favorite spirit
  • DON’T carry flasks purely with the intent to get drunk; that’s not gentlemanly anywhere
  • DON’T take a flask into bars or restaurants as a way to save on the drinks that should be bought there, even if it is your best 20-y.o. single malt. It is rude and cheap, two things unbecoming of a gentleman.
  • DO remember to offer your friends a sip from your flask once it’s open
  • DON’T take flasks to situations where you would not drink out of respect –a religious service, funeral, a government building, etc.
  • DO be prepared to experience some judgment from the people around you
  • DON’T carry more liquor than you can consume without embarrassing yourself
  • DO plan a safe ride home
  • DON’T make carrying a flask become your personal hallmark; carry it sparingly

Now that you know it all, buy the one you like accordingly. 

Happy Shopping!

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