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Get Lit With These Tips That Will Pamper Your Candle

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In hues of yellow and blue, these tiny fumes engrave calm all over the place. They help you relax and traverse worlds in silence. Nothing sets the mood like a well-spaced candlelit room oozing out fragrances, inducing an aura of tranquility. They brush past your nostalgia and put your stress to sleep. Candles cast their spell and leave you bemused. More often than not candles are affiliated with female attributes, but on a serious note, the man cave equally craves candles. Here are a few candles to satisfy his man cave. Candles set the vibe and leave you to contemplate. They come in different shapes and sizes but serve the purpose. They are useful during blackouts,  lifting a dull mode to set the right romantic mood. Despite working out all of this magic on a stressful day, we really don’t pay enough attention to keeping them clean.

Ever heard about cleaning a candle? Of course not, but believe me they also deserve equal attention and care. So here are a few secrets that will help you treat them with ease.

Tidy Candle, Tidy Shine

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Candles, more often than not aren’t paid enough attention to. They cannot work their magic without small efforts that pamper them. Candles need to be cleaned and maintained, once the wax has stiffened or the candle has cooled. Cleaning the candle with a soft cloth, preferably nylon, helps remove the rubble that has developed over burning. Tidy candles shine brighter and last better. Without cleaning the candles, the wax is fused with the dirt and dust, thus preventing the efficient burning, resulting in a longer shelf life than usual, deprecating its utility. Alongside this, the presence of debris adds more fuel to the fire and results in excessive burning, which the candle cannot ideally handle. Ways a candle benefits your life.

Slick The Wick

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Paying attention to the wick wouldn’t just aid in better burning of the candle but would also help the candle last longer adding to the sustainability feature that most of us looking forward to having, whenever we buy a candle. Try looking up this list to understand which candle suits your taste. It is suggested to trim the wick after every 4 hours of use. Ideally, a candle is advised to be used for a maximum of 4 hours at a stretch; post the process of cooling down the wick needs to be trimmed around 3mm or between 1/8 to 1/4 inches, this reduces the candle soot that is produced and prevents the candle from smoking. Candle smoking condenses the utility period of the candle. Excessively long wicks might also end up smoking thus one needs to ensure that the wick is of the right length before igniting it.

The Light At The End Of This Tunnel Will End, If You Allow It To Tunnel

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Candle tunneling is a visible phenomenon that occurs eternally. Candle tunneling is the occurrence of a mini burrow. The uneven burning of wax when the flame begins to drop below the top-level of the wax, leaving a dry, hard ring that just won’t melt causes tunneling. This results in the accumulation of wax around the jar, preventing the complete burning of the aroma and essences that are present. Candle tunneling results in the formation of memory rings that cannot be cured unless the wax is excessively burnt the next time it’s put to use. The only way to prevent candle tunneling is by allowing to burn completely before it is extinguished. Ensuring that the wick is of the right size, also helps in the even-burning of the candle and a precise scent-throw that spreads calm all over. Gift your valentine a special candle.

Decor, Design, and Depot

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Candles add to the aesthetic value of the house. Placing them at certain spaces enlightens the space and creates a peaceful warm vibe. To enhance the brightness, they can be placed in terrariums or lanterns, which speak volumes for themselves. Candles essentially need to match the texture and hue of the room they are placed. Placing them in jars and votive designed with delicate accents and knickknacks are a fashion statement in an old-school modeled room. Candles when placed within the proximity of greenery add a flavor of modesty with a mix of a lull. They need to ideally be placed on a fire-resistant surface like gypsum boards or asbestos that can be molded and embossed with tasteful designs. One could also use pillar or container candles, which serve the same purpose. Here are a few tips to pick out your choice of candles. Alongside this, attention needs to be paid to its proximity from flammable materials thus preventing excessive heating and unintended disasters. Candles shouldn’t be exposed to extreme weather conditions. They should be placed at temperatures lying between the ranges of 10ºC to 30ºC. 

Ideal Time

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The first impression is the best impression. Candles need to burn for a long enough period during their first burn which helps to determine the life of a candle. A long first burn helps to eradicate the problem of tunneling and memory rings thus increasing its utility. They should also be placed away from moving air, preventing the glass from staining. The instructions provided with the candle depict the maximum duration to burn a candle; ideally, a candle can burn for a period of 4 hours at one go. Burning a candle for too long causes carbon collection at the wick thus preventing it from having any further use. But multi-wick candles in such a situation are a win-win.

It’s now time for you to light your candle and summon serenity into your life. You’d have definitely gotten candles at some of the other points in your life. If you haven’t yet gotten to experience and experiment with them, it’s high time you look up this list of top 10 scented candles and try matching with the candle that suits you if not arouses you the most. Let loose, immerse yourself in the aroma and dive right into your ocean of calm with the candle of your choice!

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