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Suit Up This Summer With The Pair Of Sunglasses Which Suits You The Best

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Summer is going to barge into your life within no time. Try gearing up with the best of colas, ice creams, and sunscreens to calm your soul and bask with some chill under the sun. Like they say summertime is the best time, its better if you buckle up before its too late. Spice up this summer with a new chic look by gifting yourself the best pair of glasses that help you sing-song through the summers’ heat. Go through this list of top 10 sunglasses and pamper yourself with the one which best suits you. Summers don’t really go away that easily, let this summers’ flaring heat push you to give yourself the best.

As it established enough that the summer is inevitable, so are the sunglasses you choose this season. Choosing a pair of sunglasses might not be all that tough but getting that pair which suits you the best takes in a lot of time. Try concealing the fatigue and exhaustion by pairing up with the one that fits you and your outfit the best. 

Sunglasses undeniably lift the ball game from 0 to 101 but the trick, of course, lies in getting the right one. Here a few things you need to keep in mind while getting yourself the right pair. The general rule to getting this right, however, is knowing your face shape and finding the sunglasses which complement it.

Square Shaped Face

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Square shaped faces literally boil down to those with a square jaw and minimal curves. Ideally, the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are about equal in width. Some faces might be longer and more rectangular in shape too. Such square-shaped faces need large glasses where the frame width and face width align. Read some historic facts about sunglasses. Oval and teardrop-shaped ones would also serve the purpose. If you are not into theses shapes, then aviators are the only alternatives left.  Slightly rectangular faces can try out larger rectangular shaped glasses.

Round Face

Round Shaped Face - Sunglasses
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Round shaped faces are pretty symmetrical. The face is about the same width and length. Cheekbones in such cases aren’t prominent enough and there might exist no peculiar angles or edges. It might get a little tricky for such faces. You need to give the illusion of a long face through the shades which will balance out the look. Pointy, rectangular and square-shaped frames would work out the best. If you want to try being a little quirky, cat-eyes, wayfarers and aviators will also do well. Round glasses with narrow frames are a big no! (Try checking out which among these shades suits you the best)

Oval Shaped Face

Oval Shaped Face - Sunglasses
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Oval faces are those which seem to be longer than usual. The cheekbones and chin are all ideally equal in width, while the chin is rounded. The forehead seems to be a little longer as compared to the other features. Such faces need to reduce to minimalistic sunglasses with the eyebrows equally aligning with the frames and the frames shouldn’t exceed the width of your face. Rectangular, oval and round frames would do good. To add a spark of funkiness try out aviators and cat eyes. Here are some sunglasses hacks that you should follow.

Inverted Triangular Face

Inverted Triangular Face - Sunglasses
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Such faces have a long forehead and the faces tapers down at the bottom. The forehead in such cases is wider than the jaw. Such faces also have narrow cheekbones and a wide squared chin. To balance out the chin- forehead ratio, you need to stick to smaller lenses. Round or frameless glasses are for the win for such face shapes. You could also try out aviators and cat eyes to add an element of fun. Check out the best styles which have hit the market the season.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces typically have a wider forehead and the face gets angled towards the chin, finishing into a point at the tip. Cheekbones and the forehead are the widest parts while a slender jawline is another peculiar feature. Round glasses or smaller frames with low set arms or frameless glasses would ideally fit them perfectly. Shades with pointy sharp outlines are a big no.

Also, try aligning the color of the sunglasses with your skin tone and hair color. Ideally, dark hair would complement darker shades while light hair, lighter shades. Despite all these tricks at your hand, sometimes the most bizarre ones might suit you the best. You must do the hit and trial before resorting to investing in one. Here are some sunglasses styles which Bollywood actors started.

Do tell us which one suits you the best in the comments below! If you’re really interested to know more about getting quirky and adding an element of fun to set the stage for a fabulous summer go through the sunglasses hacks.

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