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Here Are A Few Ways By Which Males Can Keep Dry And Dead Skin At Bay During Winters

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Winter is landing soon and it is going to be a cold one. Not only do chilly winds give us some serious seasonal depression; they also burn and dry out our faces, leaving our skin in need of some serious R&R. Whether you like hitting the slopes or you’re more of a Netflix-and-chill kind of guy, no man on earth loves the red cheeks, chapped lips, and dry, cracked skin the colder climates bring.

It’s time to wake up to the cold, harsh realities (literally) of winter and really prepare your skin for the frigid air. Taking care of your skin should be just as important as brushing your teeth or changing your underwear, especially since the weather outside is frightful. Getting into a routine of cleansing and moisturizing your face and neck as frequently as possible is crucial to keeping your skin delightful.

Nine out of 10 guys won’t make it through the chilly winter month. Their skin and beards become uncomfortable and itchy, which makes guys start constantly touching and rubbing their faces, and that leads to breakouts. Maintain your skin every day, year-round, and, when it’s time for winter beard season, you’ll be more likely to like it and keep it.

If you’ve found yourself—or really, your skin—similarly parched this season, fear not. The key to keeping everything from your lips to your toes from becoming a flaky, cracked disaster is really just preparation.

Here are a few men’s skincare tips to keep your skin hydrated in cold weather. 

  • Keep scrubs at bay and opt for a chemical exfoliant 
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With winters comes the instant need to need to step up your exfoliation game. Winter brings with itself a skin that is much more prone to blemishes and breakouts and all this tends to increase if you don’t buff away the dead cells. Male skin is said to be generally harsh and chapped and if your skin is routinely getting chapped and wind-burnt, try not to exfoliate any irritated patches. So now you are wondering how do you do the routine task of getting rid of the dead, burdensome cells?

Well, the first step is to apply a balm, to prevent and rapidly heal any damage. Then comes the exfoliation step. In winters try not to scrub in order to prevent further strain on the skin in such finicky times. Instead of scrubbing switch over to a chemical exfoliant. The process of exfoliation is sure to dissolve dead skin and work away on dark blemishes and fine lines, thus helping surface the healthier, brighter, smoother skin you ought to showcase. Once you are done with the exfoliation process, always keep in mind to moisturize as all this may tend to make your male skin drier. 

Some Essential Winter Skin Care Tips

  • Step up the foot care
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Gentlemen, I implore you: if you don’t want to wake a lady up in the middle of the night with a wayward foot making contact with her soft, touchable skin, please take care of your heels.

Luckily, your foot are hidden most of the time under your shoes, but your heels are massively affected by winter’s dry air. Along with chilly winds, truckloads of other factors can lead to cracked, dry heels, weight gain to medical issues, lots of time on your feet, or dehydration. Some of these problems are without a doubt much easier to address than others. It is advisable for all males to buff their heels with a pumice stone which can surely help you get rid of most normal-dry skin build-up. Post this step it is important to use a heavy-duty moisturizer as your skin does need some moisturizing post all the torture.

If in case you are someone who is already treating yourself to a periodic professional pedicure, you can at least step up your at-home foot-care regimen. Winter is the most amazing time to do some care part for your feet as this is the time when your feet are bundled away in your socks and boots all day, which makes it difficult for them to breath, and they amass all sorts of funk and dry dead skin. One should always have a toenail clipper, a buffing device, a foot scrub, and a foot cream handy to follow the whole routine right before bed. Right before bed, slather a bunch of healing ointment onto the soles of your feet, or wherever they’re driest.

Are Your Lips Dry Like Your Feet??

  • Fill yourself with loads of water
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Good grooming starts from the inside out. No full-size tub of moisturizer can help you get all those skin benefits than simply drinking tons of water. No face mask or any other skincare product can help you balance your skin tone faster than a diet that is filled with loads of fruits, vegetables, and water. Though it can be hard to find all your favorites in season, try to incorporate some greens into your morning routine. Maybe a smoothie would be a great idea. You could also smear avocado on toast for breakfast or as a snack.  As for that whole, ‘drink more water’ thing, yes, downing your body weight in H20 each day can be su-u-u-u-pes boring, I know. So make it feel like less of a chore with supplements that add fizz, or fruits that infuse flavor.

  • Do a weekly face mask—a hydrating one
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It is the season to wind down those deep-cleaning face masks, unless you’re especially oily and still require routine pore drainage. Instead, find a highly hydrating sheet mask that or a highly moisturizing overnight cream (Cure Your Dry Skin). Keep in mind that all the cold, dry air is sure to leave your skin craving for moisture, so keep in mind to give your skin the moisturization it needs. It goes without saying that your tough male skin will surely be benefited from a nutrient-rich hydrating mask, now and year-round. Why not start this habit as the season changes?

  • Your best friend is a moisturizer
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The skin on your body is thoughtful enough to generously prevent your organs from spilling onto the sidewalk each and every day (Why Should You Apply Moisturizer). Return the favor with a super-moisturizing treatment that keeps your bod’s final layer feeling supple. If moisturizing your skin is already a part of your daily skincare regimen, kudos! But with winter here, it might be time to kick it up a notch — not just any moisturizer is going to cut it against the winter winds. Look for a moisturizer that helps to repair and maintain your skin barrier. A layer of sebaceous (or oily) lipids covers your skin. 

Look At Some Good Moisturizer

  • Do something for your dry and harsh hands
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As doing any work requires the presence and use of your hands, they are the ones which are often the brunt of the weather. It will still happen even if you’re stuck shoveling or just forgot your gloves. Just throw one of these in a work bag or tuck one into your desk at work—and use them liberally, before the first signs of dryness appear.

7 Hacks for Combat Dry and Flaky Winter Skin

  • Use a load of serums and oils
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When the wind really starts blowing, moisturizers may need an extra boost. Use some heavy-duty skincare protection with a serum or oil it in to highly moisturize your dull face. These penetrate deeper below the skin to help retain moisture. Start your skincare routine by using serums with hygroscopic vegetable glycerine, to attract water, and hyaluronic acid to keep it in. Hyaluronic acid retains water. It is advisable to use oils such as jojoba and argan for their ability to mimic your skin’s own natural oil and their very low comedogenic rating, which means they shouldn’t clog your pores.

So now that you know what is to be done to keep your male skin healthy this winter, implement all these steps and keep dry and dead skin at bay.

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