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Eyeliner Trends That Have Been Approved By Bollywood

Eyeliner Trends That Have Been Approved By Bollywood
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Bollywood always seems to impress each one of us one way or the other. Be it through their movies or their styles they always seem to be drawing everyone’s attention. Be it during the early ’40s or the recent times Bollywood celebrities seem to be portraying the best and always set new fashion statements every season. They inspire people to take inspiration if not mimic them. Coming to makeup, B-town always put its best leg to pull off the best look. Here are some ways to use your eyeliner like a pro.

Talking about eyeliner trends, they seem to have an age-old link with celebrities. Be it the age-old kohl-manship or the smokey eye or winging the liner the best way possible, Bollywood always seems to do it right. Eyeliners are the best accessories, they timeless level up your look. Get yourself the best eyeliner this season.

Let us now probably discuss the various eyeliner trends that seem to be doing rounds in the industry since forever

The Classic Straight Line

Kareen Kapoor Khan Hd Images
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This seems to be the easiest among them all. It is simple and sophisticated and seems to be working out really well. Be it Kareena Kapoor Khan or Deepika they all seem to pull off this look for every fun and interesting they have had off late. They often seem to be matching it with a bold lip color that goes well with their outfit.

The All-Time Winger Look

Sonam kapoor green dress
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Sonam Kapoor Khan has done it with her red carpet look. The simple winged liner can make so much difference you wouldn’t know. If Sonam can, can’t you? This look is often worn by almost every actress but this season was kick-started by Sonam Kapoor. With the winged liner, this undisputed queen seemed to have looked really sharp with this look. Use an eyeliner like a pro.

The Smudged Look

Smudged Look - eyeliner
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Swara Bhaskar and Kareena Kapoor Khan seem to be adorning this look and owning it everywhere they go. This smudged look really seems to make the room really hot. Don’t you want to feel the same way? Check out how to pull off any of these styles right away.

Aditi Rao Hydari also seems to be pulling it off timelessly with her traditional outfit. Suraiya Begum had pulled this off during the 40’s with her prominent flicked eyeliner, smudged to perfection.

Double Winged Liner

Double Winged Liner - eyeliner
Source: www.vogue.in

This seems to be that style that resembles a closely placed train track. Drawing all the limelight away this style seems to be having its own sweet time gripping everyone’s attention. Deepika Padukone obviously seems to have pulled off this look but guess who’s along with her in this race, our very own Bebo.

The Egyptian Look

The Egyptian Look - eyeliner
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This is the long extended winged look that seems to be taking inspiration from the women of ancient Egypt who spent most of their time trying to dress up and look well. Sonam Kapoor again seems to be flaunting her way through a canopy of eyes trying to get some inspiration from this fashion icon. Try to level up this look without the best eyeliner that has hit the markets this season.

The Graphic Eye Look

The Graphic Eye Look - eyeliner
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The graphic eye look is synonymous with those styles which are extremely artistic and creative with bold looks that leave you in awe. It might seem a little complex and hard to recreate but who doesn’t want to get creative and have fun. Sonakshi Sinha seems to be wearing this look fabulously. This bold woman has let her eyes speak volumes with this style. Deepika Padukone did the same at the Cannes Film. Try your luck too with this style.

Coloured and Glittery Liners

Coloured and Glittery Liners - eyeliner
Source: mariabergmark.wordpress.com

These liners always seem to be adding an element of fun and spicing up every look. Matching them with your outfit and your lip shade will undibay make everyone stop and stare. Eesha Gupta seems to have fun with her fiery blue eyes while Shraddha has also not given away.

Kareena Kapoor Khan also fondly called Bebo seems to be the one person who always seems to be occupying the space when it comes to eye makeup but this season seems to be a little competitive with new players and new styles. Why not try some new makeup looks.

Try spicing up and boxing out your ordinary look with a new eyeliner. Style it the best way possible and make everyone stop to stare. Try mimicking your favorite and do tell us how well you could pull it off in the comments below. Also for more help with the styling part, you could go through a different style of winging the eyeliner

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