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Eyeliner Mistakes All Of Us Make

Eyeliner Mistakes
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Eyeliner is that one thing that sets everything straight. More often than not, most of us seem to be struggling while trying to wing it the best way possible. It is time to realize where you have gone wrong while trying to draw that straight precise line. Eyeliner seems to be really working out the magic and this is that one line that genuinely puts everything in place for you. It makes you look confident and dashing at any point in time. Gift yourself one of these liners to pull the best look and feel fabulous.

We seem to be using it on a daily basis but there’s something we mess up. It is time to unpack our mistakes and learn from them right away. So here a few mistakes that we think you probably keep doing

Stretching The Skin Too Much

Stretching The Skin - Eyeliner
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Often, to get a precise straight line, we end up pulling the ends of your before we use the liner.  Pulling your skin or tugging it too much might help draw the precise Eline but once you release it, there seems to be overlapping of the liner making it look shabby and uneven. It is therefore suggested to try and anchor your skin between your fingers, place like a V near your eye. This would not just prevent the lid from moving but also help you wing the liner the best way possible.

The Eyeliner Pencil Is Blunt

Blunt eyeliner pecil
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If you are using the eyeliner pencil, then this must be one of the most common experiences that you would have come across. After continuous usage, the pencil seems to wear away making it blunt at the tip. Blunt pencils make it really hard to draw precise lines. You must sharpen your pencil to get this wing outright. If you are using an eyeliner pencil then we think it is high time for you to upgrade to a water-based one which is easy to use, smudge-proof and lasts long. Eyeliner pencils seem to work out the best if you were to pull off a smokey eye look.

Lining Your Waterline

Lining Waterline
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Most of us wouldn’t even think of lining the water line but apparently it enhances the way your eyes look and gives it more attention. This is probably any other situation where an eyeliner pencil might come to help. Despite there being enough speculation stating that using the eyeliner pencil along the water line might infect it but undeniably it helps enhance the way your eye looks.

Do Not Look Straight Into The Mirror

Female looking in mirror
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This might be a real turn off. Most of us look straight into the mirror while applying the liner. Experts say that applying the liner while closing the lid or looking downwards to make it look much better than usual. It helps you wing the liner evenly by avoiding bumps in between. It is also recommended to apply the liner closet the lashes to elevate your daily look.

Using A Dried Liner

Dried Liner
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It is a real pain you realize that your eyeliner has dried up. You probably would have never put it to any use yet it somehow seems to have been drained completely. To replenish it, we bet you would have added some water to help retain it. But trust me the results you perceive once you mix some water to the liner do no good. They seem to be giving you a light finish which would really not satisfy you. Instead of struggling with the dried out one, gift yourself a much better one. Get yourself an eyeliner that lasts long enough while giving the best feel when putting to use.

Using The Wrong Type Of Eyeliner

Wrong Type Of Eyeliner
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Most of us like one specific type of liner and try to stick to it, to pull off every look. Despite knowing that eyeliners are costly but if you are going to be using them on a daily basis, getting yourself all different eyeliners should not really bother you. If you are that one person who loves getting ready and looking pretty then you better get yourself the right liner. Liners are of 3 types, a felt tip pen liner helps you draw along the eyelid easily but winging it with that might be a little complicated. The gel eyeliner, on the other hand, helps you wing it easily. The other type is the eyeliner pencil, which seems to work out best when you want to have fun and adorn that not so perfect smudged look. But then again if you’re really comfortable with the liner you ahem and are able to pull off any look then you are good to go.

Since you have learned how to wing the eyeliner perfectly you could also go through the different ways to wing the liner or mimic some of the Bollywood approved trends for this season.

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