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Eyeliner Hacks That You Should Try

Eyeliner hacks that you should know
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Eyeliner has become that one necessary tool that pulls off everything. Off late women aren’t seen exiting their house without a string of liner which enhances their game. It doesn’t just set everything but also changes the way you look and feel. A liner, therefore, seems more like a necessity nowadays. Get yourself one of these liners to level up your eyes. Eyeliners somehow accentuate your eyes in a certain way that it suddenly gives them more attention and makes them look extremely attractive.

Getting yourself a liner shouldn’t just stop there, you need to know how to wear it and pull it off like your favorite star. Check out the B-town approved eyeliner styles to know more about your favorites actresses. Winging the liner might not be all that tough but to most of us, it doesn’t seem easy enough.

To solve all your problems while dealing with the liner, we bring to you a few hacks which will definitely make it easy for you. First things first, there’s no point in looking at hacks and not implementing them in your life. There is nothing wrong with trying and then failing.

Post-it or Tape

Eyeliner tape
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Drawing an uneven or crooked lien while winging the liner is an everyday thing. Rubbing it off your face and reapplying the liner might definitely be a time-consuming task and real pain. All in one solution for this is using a tape or a post-it. Place the post-it or the tape at an angle facing northwards. Wing the liner along with this tape or the post it. And there you go with the perfect looking wing at literally no effort. You could even use a spoon to pull this off. Here is a list of sunglasses styles that were started by Bollywood actors.

Smudge Effect

Eyeliner smudge
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All of us at some or the other point in our lives wanted to pull off the Kareena Kapoor Khan smokey eye look. And honestly, most of us would have tried and failed drastically. It might definitely seem quite an impossible look to pull off but trust me, its among the easiest. For this, you need to use an eyeliner pencil. Gently apply the line above the waterline. Using a brush or your fingertips, slowly move along in circles to get the smudge effect. After this is done, apply the liner once again and finish off the look. Purchase some amazing eyeliners.

Stretch Your Eye Out Properly

Stretch Your Eye
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Most of the time, while we stretch the corner of our eyelid and apply the liner, there seems to be a crooked or an uneven line that gets formed in the end. To avoid this one needs to apply the liner gently without pulling the eye. Use a brush to hold your eyelid in place and then gently apply the liner along your waterline. This season, you could also gift yourself one of these liners to attain the best look possible. Ways to wing it like a pro.

Winging The Liner

Winging The Liner
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Unless you’re Michelangelo, winging the liner might seem like a really tough tat. So here we are with the easiest hack using your everyday accessory, the bobby pin. Place the bobby pin at the tip of your eyelid and outline it. Apply the liner along your waterline and at the tip, color the edges of the bobby pin. This gives you the best-winged look timelessly. Eyeliner trends started by Bollywood stars.

Do You Draw The Wing First?

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We assure you that you know how to use the liner well if you outline the wing first. Firstly,  outline the wing the way which seems best suitable for you.  After you finish this, gently use the liner along your waterline. As you reach the edges, fill in the outlined wing. And there you are with the best-winged look. Some mistakes that everyone makes while applying eyeliner.

Use The Brow Highlighter

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If you are genuinely want to draw all the attention your face, especially your eyes, use the eyeliner first. Get yourself one of these eye-liners to elevate your look. One that it does you can use the Kajol and apply it along your lower waterline. To enhance this, use a mascara followed by a brow highlighter. The brow highlighter provides an instant lift to your eyes. Try using a thick white liner right above your eyebrows and smudge it out with your fingers or a sponge brush to define your brows and enhance its preciseness.

All these hacks are available right at your fingertips. So firstly get yourself the best eyeliner and then get a hold of using it like a real pro. Go through different ways to wing your liner to get a hold of the one which suits you the best. Also, learn all the eyeliner mistakes and try your level best to avoid them.

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