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Easy skin care routines this summer!

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We are the millennials, and we almost never have time to take care of our most important valuables- like our skin. Keeping your skin healthy is not just about looking good, as most of the times, our skin gets healthy when our insides are healthy. Regardless of your gender and anything else, you deserve good skin. But some of us just do not have the time or the energy to carry forward long tedious routines, and some of us are not ready to put a dent in our pockets solely for expensive skincare products. So we have compiled a list of easy and quick skin care routines that will help you get clear skin (and clean insides too!) without clearing off your account. Have a look:


Yes, we know that you might have heard this plenty of times, but water is the best thing to get good skin. While everyone has different skin types, but water is obviously good for everyone! It keeps you hydrated, it keeps your skin hydrated, it helps you in the digestion, and mainly you need it to survive. Your body is made up of about seventy per cent of water, and that should be enough to convince you that you should stay hydrated. As long as you are not drinking plenty of water immediately after a meal or working out, you are good to go. At least 3 to 4 litres of every day in summers and 2 to 3 litres in winters is going to keep you hydrated, and your skin fresh!


While water keeps your skin hydrated, you need a bit of extra care to keep your skin supple and smooth. After all, too much dryness or oiliness starts irritating you after a point. There are plenty of options when it comes to moisturizing, but we suggest you do your research. While some products might be in the limelight, they would not be necessarily good for you, depending on your skin type, allergies and several other factors. There are several natural moisturizers are present in the confinements of your own house, without you even realizing it. For example, honey is a pretty good moisturizer, and so is olive oil. You can even go for the DIY moisturizers, which would work equivalent, or maybe even better than some branded moisturizers, and there would be no risks of chemicals affecting you in any way!

Sun protection

Sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. But unfortunately, too much sun can cause severe harm to your skin, especially for those who love going out to the beaches or just enjoy a good sunbath. Especially with the global warming and depleting ozone layer, UV rays are highly likely penetrating your skin and causing harm. And if not that, who would prefer the risk of a harsh sunburn anyway? Sunscreens are huge lifesavers in every sense when it comes to hanging out with the sun. Depending on where you live and how harsh the sun can be, you can buy a sunscreen of the equivalent SPF. For example, if you leave in a place where the heat can be unbearable, high SPF is recommended as opposed to places with relatively pleasant temperatures, where you will suffice with SPF 30 as well.

Wash up

After a hard day of work, you are most likely to be covered in sweat, or dirt, or maybe both. Either way, dirty skin can never be in the same line as healthy skin. Washing yourself up if you know you are dirty is a very, very sensible thing to do. Otherwise, you should at least wash up your face and neck at least 3 to 4 times a day, so that there is no dirt or sweat on your face that may cause harm. Use your favourite face wash, soap (that is not harsh), or just water, it will help you in the long run!


Our skin has small pores, that help the skin breath, that let the sweat out, and have several other functions. But during our day to day activities, we came face to face with dirt and sweat, which may cause these pores to get clogged up. Exfoliating helps reach into these pores and get this residing unwanted stuff out and let our skin breathe again, while also helping us get rid of dead skin that is also acting as dirt. You can use one of those scrubs you can get anywhere, or some beauty tools that help with the same. Interestingly and for everyone’s benefit, you can also make DIY scrubs of your own using household products, like a simple coffee and honey scrub. Just remember to not overdo it, otherwise brace yourself for some irritated skin.

Farewell harsh products

We like using products that may make us look good, but are full of chemicals that may make us look nice at the moment but may end up ruining our skin in the long run. And people who like hauling skin products like makeup and deodorants, please beware of the expiry dates, as expired products often end up causing unwanted and unpleasant reactions to the skin, and can even go as far as highly damaging the skin. While we are not suggesting that you should throw away all your products, although you surely should get rid of the expired ones, you certainly can try to reduce the use of things that you know have plenty of chemicals and can be bad for your skin.


Face masks can be extremely good for your skin, providing it with the care it needs, without much of a hassle. Be it a sheet mask, a peel-off mask or a wet mask, all of them can be beneficial in one way or another, as long as they are for your skin type. There are so many options to choose from, and the best part is that you can make your own homemade masks, without putting yourself through a lot of work. For instance, Fuller’s Clay mask, commonly known as Multani mitti, is one of the best examples of an easy DIY mask that is pretty much suitable for all skin types. You can easily find so many options for yourself, that you would not be able to resist. Have a great skin care routine to become the net Miss India!

So there you go, these are some easy and crucial skin care routines you can follow and get a flawless skin as well as healthy insides easily.

Just remember to eat healthy, mostly, and keep at least a few of these things in mind!

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