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Do You Think You Have Too Many Mugs? How Many Mugs Are Too Many?

how many mugs are to much
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It is an unrealized fact that coffee mugs, bowls, cups, and saucers seem to breed in our cupboards without us even realizing it. After some point, it seems as if they are reproducing themselves! 

If at some point, you start doing a quick check now, you are sure to find more mugs and coffee cups than you need!

Go on, have a peek in your cupboards and count. We’ll wait here. Too many? Yep, we thought so!

Now, are you too left clueless and are crazily thinking by scratching your head that how does this happen? To help you solve your problem, we have a few theories in stock for you…

Mugs and cups serve to be great gifts. A lot of people when confused about what to gift stick to mugs as an option. Because of this, we all have received plenty of mugs or cups in our time from well-meaning family and friends who didn’t know what else to get us. (Note: chocolate would have been fine!) Too many mugs and you don’t wanna throw?? Read these hacks!!

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Two words: Secret Santa. No doubt many of you have been the victim recipient of the trusty last-minute coffee cup gift option. You know the ones. They often have really cringe-worthy captions on them and are not something you would ever consider drinking your morning coffee from. (Again please note chocolates would be better!) Does your favourite celebs like the coffee you drink?

If you’re a parent of young children, there is a high possibility that you would have acquired quite a collection of decorated and handmade mugs given as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays or Christmas. (Teachers please note – no more mugs!)

Maybe you have a favorite mug or cup that was once part of a set. One by one the set got chipped, broken or discolored, leaving you with one lonely mismatched mug you can’t bear to part with. Get a new goofy and hilarious mug!

So how do you fix the problem?

Edit! Work out how many cups/saucers and mugs you REALLY need. How many times a year are you honestly going to make 12+ cups of tea or coffee at any one time? If you’re having a party and need excess mugs you can always hire some from a party hire company (added bonus is they will all match) or borrow a set from a friend or family member.

Tea/coffee cups and saucers take up so much room in our cupboards. Reclaiming that space will make your cupboards less cluttered and make it easier to find what you need.

Instead of having a dishwasher or sink filled with used coffee or teacups, wash your favorites and use them again throughout the day instead of getting a new one out of the cupboard each time you put the kettle on.

Donate any excess mugs, cups, and saucers to soup kitchens, homeless shelters or charities. They will be way more useful to those in need than collecting dust in your cupboards.

In saying all of this though, we know you are likely to have some special and sentimental cups or mugs that you can’t bear to part with. Keep what you love and need but have a good hard look at the rest!

So, come on, tell us, how many mugs, cups, and saucers do you have hiding in your cupboards? We’d love to know!

A mug can also change the taste of your coffee. It is scientifically proven… (Read More)

Now that you have too many mugs why not buy two more!!

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