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Debunking Sunscreen Myths

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Sunscreen is centric to skincare. Despite consistently being told to use it on a daily basis, we somehow always seem to ignore it until summer hits the corner. Sunscreen majorly helps keep tan at bay while protecting you from skin cancer. This year, bring a change to your skincare routine by adding some sunscreen on a daily basis. Before the temperature gets any hotter and the summers’ heat unbearable, you should reconsider your skin routine right away. Applying the sunscreen after a bath is just as important as applying a conditioner after the shampooing. Read on how does it works.

Most of us are taciturn towards using the sunscreen because of some preset prevailing notions. Some misconceptions always seem to dominate us no matter what. Here is a small effort from our end to help you from giving up those blatantly framed perceptions.

Here are a few myths which you would have probably believed all your life.

You Don’t Have To Keep Applying The Sunscreen Throughout The Day

This is amongst the most prevailing misconceptions. Sunscreen isn’t like a fixed shield, it evaporates over time. Dirt, sweat and oily skin might wash away the sunscreen within in no time. Sunscreens usually last for a period of 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours maximum at one stretch. It is therefore imperative to apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you leave the house to let the sunscreen settle. Carry the sunscreen along with you and apply it every 2 hours to keep your skin fresh and away from the deteriorating effects of basking under the sun.

You Need The Sunscreen Only When You Are Getting Exposed To The Sun

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That is a lie. You need the sunscreen irrespective of how calm and cool the climate is. Even when the sun is not right above your head you need to use sunscreen. You need to apply it every time you step out of the house. Irrespective of whether the clouds exist or not, the UV rays are ever-present. You are not just looking forward to avoiding tan by using sunscreen but also skin cancer which is comparatively worse. Also, you will need the cream not just during the peak hours when the sun is right above your head, you’ll need it throughout the period between sunrise and sunset, whenever you step out of the house. Get yourself one of these sunscreens which will give you the lightless feel the best way possible.

Just Apply The Sunscreen And You Are Good To Go

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Just like there are specific ways to use everything to put it to proper use, there exists a similar way to apply sunscreen for the best utility. A thin coat that you might want to apply to avoid excessive sweating would not serve the purpose. It is said that you’ll need to apply a thick layer to those regions which are directly exposed to the sun. Read the working of a sunblock. Ideally, a shot glass amount of sunscreen to each one of those regions exposed to the sun should pretty much work out.

Different Sunscreens To Different Parts

Irrespective of different sunscreens serving different purposes, sunscreens are sunscreens and SPF is SPF. I am pretty sure, that most of you aren’t really sure how the SPF system works, do try to understand more about the SPF’s then. It is not a big mistake to use different sunscreens for different parts of the body but it is definitely a big mistake to not use sunscreen at all. Adding on, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to all those regions exposed to the sun including the nose, ears, neck, and lips. Try and avoid the cream from getting your eyes and mouth.

Sunscreen Might Harm You More

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Most of us believe that sunscreen contains harsh chemicals that have side effects but there exists no concrete research to prove the same. Sunscreens help protect your skin from skin cancer and other possible skin diseases but it doesn’t go without saying that nobody genuinely knows to what extent the sunscreen can prevent harmful effects. Undeniably, the use of sunscreens along with sun protective clothing is sure to minimize the harmful effects of sun exposure if not eradicate it all. Speculations also sate that sunscreens lower the vitamin D content in your body which is a lie that can be quashed easily. Vitamin D does not get produced every other time you are under the sun and despite the existence of sunscreen, it can be absorbed.

Summer will be here within no time, so you better gear up right away and get yourself one of these sunscreens which will block the harmful rays while allowing you to run along the golden sands with the sun right above your head. Read how the cream works.

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