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Conditioner Mistakes We Sure You Make Everyday

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You wash your hair daily or every alternate day or twice a week. It seems like a pretty basic task and knowing how to do it right shouldn’t really be all that tough isn’t it? Lather, massage, rinse and repeat should not be all that complicated to do on a daily basis. But that’s where you’ve stepped in the puddle. Knowingly or unknowingly you’re probably doing blunders without realizing how to get it right. And since you almost seem to wash it pretty frequently then you better get it right. Doing it the wrong will not only evade the concept of giving you good results but it might also have deteriorating effects. Here are some conditioners that work best the best on Indian hair.

It is one such thing that you need to be a little careful about. Not knowing how to use it might not be all that good. Ignorance isn’t bliss all the time. If you really want to level up your hair game then it is high time you know how to use it right. Read the working of a conditioner.

Correct your mistakes before it is too late! Let us talk about some common things we usually do and check out if we are doing it the right way.

Applying Conditioner To The Scalp

Applying Conditioner To The Scalp
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Oops, what a blunder! Conditioner is meant for the strand and needs to be applied from the mid length to the tip. Wanna know how the conditioner works and where it should be ideally applied? The shampoo is for the scalp. Applying conditioner to the scalp increases the oil content, makes your roots oilier, making it look heavier than normal and pulls it down.

Not Applying Conditioner At All

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Shampoo helps cleanse the scalp. Get yourself one of these best shampoos that are ideally recommended for the Indian hair type. Shampoo while cleaning your hair diminishes the oils making it dry and flaky. The conditioner helps enrich the oil content thus making the hair look healthy and soft. The effects of the shampoo on the strands need to balance out by the conditioner by all means.

Not Applying It Evenly

Coming hair
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Conditioner needs to equally nourish every strand of your hair. To apply the conditioner evenly one needs to use a wide tooth comb. Not applying the conditioner evenly might not give you the healthy look you have been waiting to avail. 

Rinsing It Immediately

Rinsing Conditioner
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The conditioner takes time sink in and give you the required results. You should ideally massage the conditioner evenly and then leave it for around a period of 4 to 5 minutes before it is rinsed out. This gives the conditioner enough time to nourish the hair throughly. Make your own conditioner.

Using Too Much Conditioner

Too much Conditioner
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Too much of something would does more harm than it does good. Using too much conditioner makes your hair heavy and weighs it down. It increases the oil content and makes it difficult while rinsing it off. Also you’ll be wasting the product a little too much if your don’t use appropriately. You should therefore use limited conditioner and apply it evenly. Use the conditioners that work best on Indian hair.

You Only Use A Rinse Out Conditioner

Rinse out Conditioner
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Always using a rinse-out conditioner? Try a leavein one too. Try and understand more about the difference between leave in and rinse out conditioners. You could probably use a leave-in conditioner to get a super light last-minute healthy look. 

You Don’t Know Your Hair Type

Hair types
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It is necessary to know you hair type. Everyone’s hair is different and needs to be dealt with differently. You might want to get yourself a new one depending on the demands of your hair. If you have bleached or dyed your hair then you might need a conditioner that locks the color rather than lightens, if you have curly hair then you might want to choose a deep conditioner. Keep your texture, Hair color, dryness and thickness in mind while buying yourself a conditioner. Which conditioner should you use?

You Buy The Shampoo And Conditioner Differently

Dove Shampoo and Conditioner combo
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It is imperative for you to buy the shampoo and the conditioner from the same brand ideally. Buying them from different brands might not give you the necessary results. The reason why they come in the same range is that they are compatible and would show best results when used together. Make your own now.

These tips will undeniably help you get nourished and healthy-looking hair without much effort and investment. Do tell us which amongst these mistakes you used to do and now will be correcting them in the comments below.

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