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Btown Approved Sunglasses Trends This Summer

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There is not really a time when Bollywood doesn’t seem to flaunt its style statement. The amount of detailing, time and effort they invest in keeping themselves healthy looks fabulous, is immense. There is no detail that this amongst the many eras why the rest of us, more often than not mimic them and try to pull of the look they have flaunted. It could probably be the red carpet look or the one from the movie or the after-party look or probably the post-travel look and this list never seems to end. Read some history of sunglasses.

Coming to sunglasses, celebrities seem to take them along wherever they go. Be it aviators, cat-eyes or anything at all they always adorn them. Irrespective of the time of the day or event the event, this simple yet powerful accessory seems to set the stage for them to come what may! Try mimicking them and get yourself your favorite pair of shades which you might as well flaunt wherever you go.

Let us probably look at some of the shades Bollywood celebrities approved for this summer season!


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Micro sunglasses never seem to go out of trend and leave the market. These old school styled glasses always capture the eye. From Sonam Kapoor Ahuja to PC they all seem to be loving this style. These 90’s inspired trend adds a sophisticated yet fun look with no effort at all. These glasses are for those who crave for the vintage feel yet want to remain in style. Will your face shape complement these types of shades?


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Oversized sweaters seem to be overpowered by these oversized sunglasses. The shapes seem endless but the styles are needless to be further described. If you’re a little too bored with the same black lens then you can alter your game choosing a tinted one instead. Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor Khan pulled the look off timelessly. If they can, why can’t you?


the nerdy sunglasses
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These kind of shades are those typical ones you find at every store. They add no element of fun but give you the serious look if you’re looking forward to having one. These are those kinds of shades that can easily intimidate anyone timelessly. From Shraddha Kapoor to Deepika Padukone and our very own Kajol, they all seem to have tried laying around with these nerdy glasses by adding their own element of fun using bold colored frames. Try them out but don’t make a fool out of yourself!


Round Frame sunglasses
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Everyone seems to love the shape of these frames irrespective of age. These round sunnies are iconic. They push you through the stream of nostalgia and remind you of those good old days. The retro yet funky vibe throwing you into the seventies almost seems to capture everyone’s attention. Be it Alia Bhatt or our neighborhood girl Sonakshi  Sinha, they seem to be doing these pair of shades. Try playing around with these shades while promptly aligning them to your daily look. Some sunglasses that you must know.


CAT EYES sunglasses
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Most of us must be wondering the whole point behind resembling a cat. But these celebrities don’t seem to care much. Jacqueline Fernandes and Anushka Sharma seem to be loving these shades. These edgy shades with intricate designs seem to grab the limelight. Cat eyes undeniably give shape and structure to the face, leaving one with not much work to do. These are the most feminine pair of shades sprinkling glamour all over the place.


AVIATORS sunglasses
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Aviators almost always seem to be in trend. These all-time classics timelessly transform the outfit. Off late you can watch Btown add their own color into this by shifting to varied tints of the same. Get yourself one of these aviators because it is never too late to get yourself the best pair of aviators. Aviators never seem to go off-beat so I’m pretty sure they’ll be your long-lasting investment. And I think if Ranveer Singh has used them then it is guaranteed that they are the most trendy ones.


tinted sunglasses
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Call these sunnies whatever you want but this summer they seem to be selling like hot pancakes. They are funky and divert you from the boring blacks you’ve been adoring for ages together. It is high time you buckle up for the sunglasses trends this season. Do not miss out on them. They come in all shapes and sizes and are visibly known for adding the pop you have miss out on. Varun Dhawan and Malaika Arora seem to be the ones kicking off this trend this summer season.

Beat the summer heat and mimic your favorites. Try getting the ones by aligning them according to your face structure. Keep up with the latest trends and don’t forget to enjoy and get lazy this summer! Summers are all you have to let loose and pamper yourself with the best.

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