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These Mugs Will Give You a Clear Idea of How Much These B-Town Celebs Love Their Coffee

alia bhatt and dipika padukone and coffee
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Not just Indian Cricket team captain, Virat Kohli is a coffee lover, even our B-town celebs are coffee slaves and find it extremely difficult to do their daily grinds without a dose of java. Time and again, they have been shot by paparazzi’s holding their coffee/tea in their loved mugs. 

Coffee mugs are amazing for a little shot of something extra in your coffee to help you get through Mondays. A mug not only helps you have your drink, but also allows you to bring some prettiness to your boring looking table. If you have been wanting to inject a bit of fun and danger during coffee breaks, stock up your kitchen with some funky mugs.

Our mug inspiration is directly derived from our very own B-town celebs. The fittest of them all, Virat Kohli is in no mood to slow down when it comes to his fitness streak or for that matter, even taking good care of the fitness levels of his team. From being picky when it comes to his diet diary to swearing by black coffee, the lad has rather made the entire nation look up to him. Look at some hilarious coffee memes.

coffee mug - curiouskeeda
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His clean eating spree received a lot of traction when he recently demanded grilled chicken, a paneer item and a blender to shell out fresh fruit juice for his team.

Kohli himself has often talked about his addiction to black coffee, and his Instagram feed is proof enough. Love coffee very much but your mug is very plain, get an Instagram worthy mug.

After all, a shot of caffeine can energise and perk you up instantly. While we all relish a dose of this beverage every now and then, there are some celebs who’ve gone a step ahead. Sofia Vergara knows a bit about the magical bean, and once in a confession to People magazine said, “I like it black. I like it strong, I don’t put sugar or anything in it–I really like tasting the flavor of the coffee.”

virat kohli with coffee
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Even Hugh Jackman used his love for coffee for good and ended up launching the Laughing Man Coffee Foundation to support development programs for communities around the world, particularly those of coffee growers.

Back home, it’s not only Virat who’s obsessed with his cup of joe, but these super celebrities too, who literally live on it.

Virat kohli drinking coffee
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As can be seen in the pic below, Kohli is enjoying his black coffee and has it many times in a day.

SRK too has always been vocal about his love for Java. And looking at his impeccable energy levels, are we even surprised? He has been spotted with a variety of mugs having his loved beverage for him. 

shah rukh khan drinking coffee
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shah rukh khan and his coffee
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Another actress who is a caffeine addict is Jacqueline Fernandez and she likes her coffee in all forms–hot or cold. She went over social media to especially post a separate post telling her fans how much of a fan she is of coffee. 

Jacqueline fernandez and coffee
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Shahid Kapoor too like his cuppa coffee, wherever he is. Before hitting the gym, after getting up in the morning and basically all the time.

Shahid Kapoor and his caffeine
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Anushka Sharma is also a coffee lover and swears by her caffeineall the time! May be, it’s the hubby effect which is happening. What do you think?

Anushka sharma and coffee
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Sonakshi Sinha, is also a java person and has been spotted a lot of times having the sip of live from her favorite mug. 

Sonakshi sinha and her coffee mugs
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Sonakshi sinha and her caffeine
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Haven’t these B-town celebs hyped you to go directly and order your own kindda mug and walk the streets in style?

Too many mugs in your kitchen?? Use these hacks!!

Mug your mug now and use it for your favorite beverages and make people look twice! Perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays!

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