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Chapped Lips During Winters?? Here Are The Best Ways To Prevent Lip Chapping!

How to Cure Chapped Lips
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Winter can be the fiercest time for your lips.
Temperatures are dropping and there is very low moisture noticeable all around, so we all know what this means – chapped lips begin to get dry, cracked and itchy. However while you clearly know what dried out lips feel like ( Ummm hint: they’re very tight and very uncomfortable), you probably won’t know precisely what makes your lips chapped … so chapped.

The freezing air, the chilling breeze and dry, warmed air inside all plot to make your kisses dry and tight.

In addition, we all will agree, when we all during winters, the mouth is among the last things we all cover. We all take steps to cover the rest of our body, but our luscious lips are always uncovered and exposed to the cold breeze. We should always keep in mind that lips have a very special kind of skin that is very sensitive and thin – thus requiring some additional TLC. Your lips don’t have oil glands, so they’re quite often exposed to the elements(Make Your Lips Look Amazing with Some Lipsticks)

Our lips dry out multiple times faster than the rest of your skin on your face so it’s extremely imperative to use some extra protection methods. 

But what causes chapped lips at the first place? 

As the climate gets colder and drier, the slim skin on the lips will, in general, dry out quicker than the remainder of our skin. This can make the lips look broke, flaky, and raw in certain areas, which can be extremely awkward. But the climate is not the only thing that dries your lips (Make Your Lips Look Amazing). When there’s an allergy or irritation from a product, called cheilitis, lips tend to become inflamed. These hypersensitive responses are normally because of colors in lipsticks, scents, and flavoring agents in food. If you think you are sensitive to such factors, consider doing a patch-test at then use the products. 

And if by any chance you have history on any sun damage, your lips are most probably taking the heat, too. In the case of grown-ups with a lot of sun damage over the years, it’s normal to have patients come with chapped lips, which might be in one spot or along the whole lower lip all year.

This is imperative to consider as we have to treat the fundamental sun harm to improve the surface and presence of the lips. It is frequently treated with cryotherapy, a topical chemotherapeutic specialist, or photodynamic treatment.

To help prevent chapped lips and keep your lips smooth and
lovely all winter long:

Dry Lip Survival Kit
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  • Try not to bite and lick your lips 
Licking Lips
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When your kissers become dry, it is a natural want to lick those lips to bring some moisture.  But licking actually has the opposite effect. The time you put some saliva on the lips, it makes your lips even drier. Licking and biting further irritates your lips and makes chapping worse. 

  • Try to apply some lip balm every time you find yourself licking or biting your lips
Prevent Chapped Lips
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The best way to overcome chapped smoochers is by using ointment-based lip balms. A balm is sure to lock in all the moisture and help to heal cracks and splits in the skin. When looking for a good lip balm try going for balms that have healing ointments like petrolatum, essential oils or glycerin. Another important ingredient that lip balm must-have is sunscreen —  there still is the sun in the winter. Applying lip moisturizers often is the best defense against lip chapping. Keep a tube of balm in your pocket and apply it to your lips at least once per hour.

  • Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water
Prevent Chapped Lips
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Dehydration may also cause lip chapping, so it is important to stay hydrated. The best way to stay hydrated is by drinking plenty of water. This will help to keep them moisturized and reduce the chance that they will become chapped. Aim for eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. You can also drink decaffeinated tea and juice to reach your daily fluid requirement.

  • Exfoliate with a natural, sugar-based lip scrub
Prevent Chapped Lips
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Whatever you do, don’t peel or bite off the dry skin on your lips! Make yourself an easy, at-home scrub instead. Mix brown sugar and coconut oil, then gently massage onto your lips to remove the dead skin. You can also use a soft washcloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush to exfoliate. Follow up with a thick, fragrance-free emollient. At night, apply a balm before you go to bed. Many people sleep with their mouths open. Eight hours of breathing in and out through your mouth can dry your lips. 

  • Choose lip products that are free of fragrances and dyes
Prevent Chapped Lips
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All these chemicals present in a lip product may irritate your kissers even further or cause cheilosis, an inflammation of the lips or corners of the mouth. Look for a natural lip balm that contains petroleum jelly or beeswax and that does not contain any colors or artificial flavors.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of how to keep your smooches luscious and shiny, implement them and have your moisture
bank this winter!

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