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Best Ways To Keep Your Male Dry Skin Healthy and Supple

Healtthy skin care tips for male
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Winter is here and it is the time when you constantly need to remind yourself that the winter weather can damage your skin. Though the time can be busy and exciting with many events like family dinners, holiday parties, and the preparation and planning for gift giving, that act as a constant distraction. All this keeps us all away from focusing on our health and taking care of ourselves as we would normally. With colder weather and shorter days, finding the motivation to stay fit and healthy can be very difficult.

During the colder months, a lot of men suffer itchy and dry skin. This dryness and itchiness is visible on their face, ankles, forearms, and hands.

It is now time to take some actions against the cold and provide protection to your skin during winters hurrah.

Here are a few tips that have proven to be effective in
dealing with dry male skin during winter.

Get Some Ayurvedic Tips

If you incorporate them into your daily life, you will notice some significant changes in a short amount of time.

  • Do not take hot showers, instead go for warm ones 
Warm Showers
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Make a note of the key phrase used here: “warm” not hot showers. 

Hot showers should always be avoided during the winter months as they strip out all essential oils of the body. These are the oils that your body needs to keep your body lubricated, which acts as a defense against cold temperatures. But with hot showers, they are all gone. Opt for warm showers instead. Not only will it benefit your skin, your muscles are also to be benefited from them. Now once you go for a shower, keep in mind to turn down the temperature of your shower for an easy win for your dry skin this winter.

Hacks To Combat Dry Skin

  • Do not stay for long in showers
No long showers
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One short shower a day is fine and should be your best bet. If you are a male who lives a very active lifestyle including a lot of sports and regular trips to the gym, you would without a doubt have to shower more often. In such a situation, the key is the duration of the shower. The length of your shower is equivalent to having hot showers, as it also strips away all your essential oils from your skin leaving you dry and itchy.

Get The Best Moisturizer Available In India

  • Use a gentle, chemical-free soap
Chemical Free soap
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Along with the weather, the soap and other skincare products you use can cause all sorts of havoc to your skin. It is a dermatologically proven fact that the residue of the soap can cause skin irritation that further compounds when you throw cold weather into the mix. During the winter season if you are planning to buy a soap, look for the list of ingredients. If the soap has added perfumes, antibacterial components or deodorants, it should immediately raise some red flags. Instead of all these chemical compounds, look for soaps which have all-natural ingredients. 

Some Moisturizing Mistakes We All Make

  • Avoid using a loofah or a washcloth
washcloth or a  loofah for keeping your dry skin healthy
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We all like using loofah and have been using it for our entire life now. The product without a doubt makes you stay and feel clean by literally it strips your top layer of skin off! And to be honest, it is also one of the main cause of dry skin. Loofah or washcloths can totally like the above-mentioned points stripe out the natural oils from your skin making it itchy and dry during winters. So now if we say no loofah or washcloth?  What do we use? Instead use your hands to wash your body.

  • Only wash the important parts of your body
wash your important body parts for keeping your dry skin healthy
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It is good to be clean but sometimes things go a little overboard. Washing with soap too much can come to be damaging especially those who wash more than one time a day. Instead of washing your entire body with soap, focus on the key areas like your armpits, crotch area, and your feet. In a nutshell, areas of your body that tend to sweat a lot are the areas that soap is advisable. Using too much soap will make you clean but will also leave an irritation causing soap residue. Also a plus point being, you will be able to save a few bucks. 

Get Some Face Moisturizers

  • Moisturizing is the key to fight dry skin in winter
Moisturize for keeping your dry skin
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Now with time and awareness, men are now more than ever incorporating a moisturizer to the skincare regime. During the chilling months, a moisturizer is much more important than water and soap! Using a moisturizer will help you combat the deadly elements of winters seeping into your pores. It will provide you with much-needed protection from the cold and will revitalize your skin’s essential oils. 

Some Moisturizing Mistakes We All Make

  • Use a humidifier
humdifier for keeping your dry skin healthy
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Winter takes away all the moisture from the air and makes the air very dry and harsh which further causes the skin to dry and become flaky. To help you combat all the winter-related problems, a humidifier comes to the rescue. It is a great way to fight against dry air in your house. A humidifier will make sure that each room of your house ranges from 45%-55% of moisture. This will ensure dry air won’t have an impact on your skin.

  • Keep yourself hydrated by having a lot of water
Stay Hydrated for dry skin
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During the chilling months, I understand consuming water because of a very tedious task but one should at least aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. During winters we all want our body to use its natural moisturizers and replenish the essential oils we all lose throughout the day. As alternative could be to have a lot of fruits and vegetables that have high water content such as cucumbers and celery.

Get some ayurvedic tips for the summers

Taking care of your skin should be priority number one for men. Having healthy and supple skin will make you look better no matter what you wear.

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