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Beat The Summer Heat With These Unisex Sunglasses

best sunglasses for summers
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Summer is right around the corner. Long bright days with perspiration and colas to deal with is soon going to rampage the streets. Often synonymous to having fun and chilling, this season is undeniably everyones favourite. Laziness somehow seems to thump in during this period. More often than not there seems to be a major revival from the dark slumber gloomy days of winter. The revival seems almost transcendental. Theres so much more energy and colour summer seems to bringing along. To all those fashionistas, trying to pull of the best summer look concealing the dampness and exhaustion, sunglasses are always the go-to. Read some sunglasses hacks.

Whether you are an apparel freak or one with a miserly outlook, sunglasses always seem to be handy and the best gift you can give to yourself this season. Since there’s no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses, try and beat this summer heat with a cool pair of shades. Whether it’s fine-tuning a warm-weather look or pulling off one in shorts, shades add to the vibe and instill a timeless yet classy look. Grab your pair of unisex shades this season!

1| VisionsIndia Official Tony Stark Iron Man EDITH Spiderman Hi-Quality Unisex Sunglasses

Color NamePrice
Green 499.00
C07 499.00
RED 499.00

Whether, it is for the man or the woman these pair of shades give you the perfect classy look. These brown lensed shades, made out of resin give you a comfortable head hugging fit. These weightless sunglasses with stunning looks give you a 100% protection from the UV rays.

2| SIMSCO Polarized Protected Aviator Black Sunglasses with TAC Material For Men Latest and For Women Stylish Wayfarer Sunglasses Driving Sunglasses

Source: www.amazon.in

Buy Now At 595.00

These unisex aviators, with a black frame and black temple add a confident persona and unforgettable charm to your basic look. With UV protection, they are skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

3| Phenomenal Round Boys and Girl’s Sunglasses (Blue)

Source: www.amazon.in

Buy Now At 80.00

These classy round-framed glasses with a blue tint enhance your fashionable look. With optical fiber frames engraved with premium finish, they are easy to deal with and pull off the best look for day vision.

4| Creature Uv Protected Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses (Purple)

Source: www.amazon.in

Buy Now At 243.60

These wayfarers are a perfect blend of highly durable modern-day material styled with pure craftsmanship. With a pair of gradient lenses that offers a cooling effect and provides protection from harmful rays, these shades have a smooth matte finish which can enhance your look.

5| ELEGANTE Combo of 2 Men’s Sunglasses (Black and Brown)

ELEGANTE Combo of 2 Men's Sunglasses
Source: www.amazon.in

Buy Now At 199.00

These sunglasses make a very voguish style statement while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. The lenses have a calming effect which will soothe your eyes while you are traveling under the hot sun. Also, the modish design can complement almost all face types to make you look fashionable and trendy.

Here are some shades styles that were started by Bollywood stars.

6| VisionsIndia Official War Teaser Hrithik Roshan Square Sunglasses Unisex Men Women

Color NamePrice

These trendy pair of shades never really go out of style. Made of Resin, these sunglasses are ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable head hugging fit. Providing you all-day wearing comfort, these. These sunglasses are really light and have been made of good quality frame with Stunning Looks & Flashy Colors. They also give you 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays for your eye care.

7| VisionsIndia RETRO VINTAGE UV400 Unisex Round Sunglasses (TS-SG-01)

Model NamePrice

These retro sunglasses, pull off a timeless classy look. Made of high quality metal with UV400 lenses and solid metal hinges, all the details ensure you a long time using. These unisex vintage frames are suitable for any climate and weather conditions.

8| SOJOS Small Square Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women Polygon Mirrored Lens SJ1072

Color NamePrice

These anti-reflective sunglasses with HD polarized lenses can filter out sunlight reflected glare, and protect your eyes from long term damage by blocking the harmful UV rays. Made out of ultra-thin metal materials, these shades are super light and are a perfect choice to beat the heat.

9| PIRASO Men’s and Women’s Sunglasses

Color NamePrice

Done with tiny old-school shades? Try these aesthetic chic frames this summer. These fashionable golden framed glasses with black lenses will surely add to your vibe this summer. Made out of polycarbonate, these frames have 100% UV protection. These square-shaped shades are quite tricky to pull off but they finely suite every other summer outfit.

10| Ivonne Metal Body Silver Square Inspired From Kabir Singh Men’s Sunglasses

Buy Now At 399.00

If Kabir Singh can, can’t you too? Inspired from the movie, these shades are a classy pair to make a stylish return. Pull off the summer look timelessly with these funky shades that’ll drive everyone crazy. With black lenses and a silver frame, they add a unique statement to your personality and looks. Some sunglasses hacks that you should know.

Do tell us which amongst of these styles suited you in the comments below. Also, if you want to know where and when these fashionable accessories took birth, go through the HISTORY OF SUNGLASSES.

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