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Diy Bandanas To Elevate Your Daily Look

Diy Bandanas
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Whether it is a striking fashion statement or clearing the sweat off your brow, a Bandana is always a go-to. It helps you pull off the wannabe hippie look timelessly. Keep the sun at bay and the dust away from your face by donning the bandana. It cuts across cultures and seems like the one obvious fashion statement across boundaries. This summer to tackle all the dust and dirt, get yourself one of these bandanas which will undeniably draw all attention to your look.

Each one of us at one or the other point in our lives would have adored the bandana and wanted to have it in our accessory collection, but due to one or the other reason, it didn’t seem to happen. So here’s why we have come up with come of the best techniques to make your bandanas instead of sitting down to repent. A bandana looks great with long hair so here are some tips to take care of your long hair.

We bring to you the best ways to make your own bandana. You could sew it out or just tie it up and more importantly flaunt it the way you want it.

Use A Tee

Bandana as a tshirt
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Faded shirts or those which have been put away into donation boxes will definitely come to help here. Lay the shirt on its front side and cut it out completely. Ideally, it should be around 18 to 22 inches wide and long. Once you get a rectangle shape cut out, then you are good to go. Hold on to the edges, that is, the left and right corners of the diagonal. Place the rectangular cloth along your hairline and your forehead and tie the diagonal corners. There you will be, flaunting the easiest bandana!

Tied Up Bandana Headband

Bandana Headband
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For this, you’ll need two different rectangular-shaped handkerchiefs or any other similar resembling cloth. Start folding from one diagonal edge to the other. Follow the same process for the second cloth, once that is done start stitching along the length to keep the folds in place. Then stitch both the folded rectangular pieces together on one side. You’ll now have a single folded cloth. Wrap it around your forehead and tie a knot. Wasn’t all that simple? But this looks amazing. Want a knotted bandana, look up this list of bandanas and get yourself one.

Use Your Handkerchief

Bandana as a handkerchief

This is the easiest go to for a bandana. For this you’ll be required to get yourself a fancy bandana that is vibrant enough. If you want to add some funk, you could sew embellishments over it or sprinkle some paint. Fold it into a triangle and place the bandana over your forehead with the diagonal edges on the backside. Tie the diagonal edges of the bandana at the rear end of your head and there you’ll be with an all new bandana.

Bandana Headband

Bandana Headband
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This needs quite some attention to me stitched and developed. For this, you’ll need a rectangular or square-shaped cloth and a sewing kit. Take the cloth and start folding it from the edges until you reach the end. Once you have folded it completely, you will have to stitch over the edges on both sides. Using the ends f the stitched cloth, you can tie a know at the end or you could even put up some velcro in the edges to dust them accordingly. There you’ll be with your ready to use bandana headband.

A Simple Bandana Wrap

Bandanas as a Wrap
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This might sound simple but it needs a little more effort. Take a 22 square inch cloth and try cutting a beanie shape out of it. Use the edges to cut out the beanie shape. You’ll need to do that twice before you use it. Cut out the beanie shape twice and stitch them together using a needle and thread. Once that is done you will need to make two ties from the extra fabric and stitch them at the end of the fabric. This will be used to wrap the bandana around. Bandanas undeniably level up any outfit. They add the summery, warm vibe to any attire. This summer, add some sparkle and color with a new set of bandanas matching every attire.

Bask in the sun with a happy go vibe with these bandanas. If you want to style it on your own and adorn a new look then go through this list of how to style your bandanas right away. Do tell us which one amongst these you liked the most and which one of these seemed to work out the best for you in the comments below. A bandana looks great with long hair so here are some tips to take care of your long hair.

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