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Holi 2020: What and What Not To Wear

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Holi is just around the corner and so is your concern to dress right. You would want to wear outfits that capture the color and the moments in the most fashionable way. While people usually don old threads to feel less anxious about their gear, it is really important to master the art of choosing festival clothes to tickle your Instagram game.

There are family gatherings and parties where youth hangout, flaunting the latest silhouettes and styles, you should know what to wear and what to avoid to spiral your festival spirits.

What To Wear This Holi

While you sprinkle gulal and joy all over, it’s imperative to wear something comfortable and not look shabby. Here are some of the wardrobe ideas that men and women can pick for this occasion.


Step out for your family brunch in the most classic way! Cotton makes the most comfortable fabric especially for Holi to make up for the mess that water and color leave on this day. While white is the handiest color out there for kurtas, colors such as indigo and floral prints set the mood just right.

Women can pair a printed dupatta along with Kurti to give it a contemporary look, while men can style their kurta or shirt with cotton pants.


Another outfit that you can choose for Holi is a pair of denim and causal light shirt. A sunny yellow or a decent blue color shirt with smears of gulal on it will give you a cool look.

Women can flaunt a cool pair of denim shorts along with a white T-shirt and sunglasses to complete their Holi look.


You wouldn’t want to ruin your sneakers! Would you? Flip Flops are not only the most comfortable outfit for your feet but they also save you from the guilt of throwing it away. Besides, they make one of the cheapest and coolest footwear to complement any outfit.


I could never forget that one Holi where I almost cried in the shower! All that grooming that you do with your hair gets washed away pretty quickly with all the chemical-oriented colors. It is necessary to wear a headgear when you are playing with color to avoid any damage to hair. A simple cap or a cool bandana will complete your Holi look.


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The colors and water can be quite piercing and can cause damage to your eyes. You can flaunt a cool pair of sunglasses to protect your optic and look glamorous at the same time. Let’s read some interesting facts about sunglasses history.

We recommend you to buy a cheap pair of sunglasses, especially for this occasion to not feel repentant when you break or damage them in the mad scramble.

What To Drop This Holi

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The sky is going to be full of colors without any pinch of a rainbow and you should know what to avoid to help yourself from the shower of regrets and sadness. While we have already told what you need to be wearing to look cool while being safe and sound, there are few things that you should avoid.

Cotton remains the best fabric to wear on this day. Any fabric which clings to your skin or provides a see-through is not recommended for this occasion. To avoid sunburns to your skin, full-sleeve dresses should be preferred.

You should also avoid overdoing your outfit since the goal is to keep it as simple as possible. Wearing any party outfit or dark colors will only snatch away the comfort and might give you a wardrobe malfunction.

When it comes to accessory, you should be saving it for some other day. Men should avoid carrying expensive gadgets in their pockets as they might get damaged with all the water splashing on you. Women can carry colorful bangles to enhance the flavor of Holi.

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