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Five Ways To Wing It Like A Pro

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Winging the liner isn’t all rocket science. Eyeliners is that one go-to for every girl. It timelessly induces confidence. Often it is that secret weapon which without which nothing seems to go the right way. A clear dash of the winged line along the waterline seems to be upping the game with ease. The eyes are amongst the most attractive parts of the human body. The areas are fierce and strong that without actually having to talk, they speak volumes for themselves. They draw attention through visibly fierce emotions.

Eyeliners, on the other hand, beautify these magnificent expressions through a simple dash enhancing the expressive emotions. In order to wing it in the first place, you need to get yourself one. Check out one of these eyeliners styles to advance your make up routine.

A small change can make a huge difference, know your eyes and wing the liner effortlessly. Here are a few eyeliner styles you might want to try to glam up:


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This is one of those quick go-to ones when you are in a hurry or stuck up. It is that thin line starting from the one corner of your eyelid to the other. It is the easiest to apply and can be coupled with any outfit. It is the most conventional. To probably draw more attention, you can slightly thicken the liner in the outer corner of your eyelid.


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One might wonder whether this saga of comparing anything and everything related to makeup and accessories with the cat will ever come to an end. But trust me the relationship between cats and humans has been a story of generations and there seems no way the cat would stop haunting you. This look can be achieved by drawing an extremely thin small wing on the upper lid of your eye and extend it inward. Scotch tape might seem necessary but over time and experience, you be a mini Michelangelo all by yourself. Here Are A Few Makeup Looks That You Should Try.


Priyanka Chopra with smokey smudged eyeliner
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Didn’t this remind you of our very own Kareena Kapoor Khan? Undeniably, this one of her favorite go-to styles which is why her eyes are said not to lie. This might be a little complex one. It is ideally suggested not to be tried if you’re in a hurry. To pull off this look one needs to gently stroke the eyeliner along the waterline and gently smudge it using a pencil or Kajal. You could also use some eye- shadow to enhance the smokey feel. A smudging tool or an eyeshadow would definitely prove handy in such cases. Try coupling this with a Kajal which can be smudged and smoothened. Get yourself an eyeliner which would help you get hold of this bold look 


THE OUTER V eyeliner style
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This style would ideally suit those small eyes which need to be enhanced by giving the illusion of bigger eyes. Try outlining the outer portion of your eyelid by thickening it gently as you ready the outer corner. Pull off this look by applying Kajal along the lower portion of the eyelid. Try using a similar shade to enhance the look. Also do not forget to align the eyeliner and Kajal. 


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Ever realized the amount of time and efforts Egyptian invested back in those days to elegantly present themselves? This look might not be a complete copy of their style but is an adaption. For this look, one needs to apply the eyeliner from eh inner portion of the eyelid and draw a thin line till the edges. Here’s where the complexity begins, one then needs to gently draw a long diagonal line exceeding the eyelid and covering a mid path between the hairline and the eye. This look might not be very complex unless you are a little fidgety. Try getting a helping hand then. If you aren’t very confident then try using scotch tape to perfectly draw the line. Ensure that the line isn’t too long or too thick. Some kajal looks to go for!


Instead of copying other styles you could also get creative and prepare your own style. You could probably wing it according to your comfort and become your own makeup artist. Do tell us what you’d try out in the comments below!

Getting ready isn’t all that tough, isn’t it? You could probably add some element of fun by using glitter liners or colored ones. These usually tend to attract a lot of attention. This runway look will undeniably throw the spotlight on you and you alone. Get yourself an eyeliner right away and try out each one of these to understand which one suits you the best!

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