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Here Are A Few Benefits of Gifting Artificial Flowers This Valentines Day!

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“I can’t use artificial flowers on Valentine’s Day, they look so tacky!” we all hear people say this all the time… well, when we say artificial flowers, we are not talking about the old-fashioned artificial flowers of yesteryear! Flowers have the power to quickly turn your mood around, which is why they serve to be great gifting options.

Artificial flowers get a lot of bad press. In fact, many of us would not think to choose them over natural flowers, assuming they would be easily spotted as fakes. In addition, it is true that in the past they often looked cheap or obviously fake, made from materials which frayed or which could only hold harshly vibrant colors.

But thanks to technological advances made in the last few years, artificial flowers can now look incredibly realistic; making for beautiful wedding bouquets and home decorations. Give your better halves a beautiful artificial flower set.

The boom and advancements in authenticity where artificial flowers are concerned is simply amazing and gets better all the time.  Now has come the when you just cannot distinguish easily between a real bloom and an artificial one. With new mediums being used such as latex, flocking, and high-quality wax finish foliage, you simply cannot tell the difference in most cases! Wanna get knowledge about the flowers on valentines day.

So before you have your heart set on fresh, I suggest you read on to see the benefits of artificial flowers for gifting this season of love.

Artificial Flowers Are ALWAYS In Season

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Probably the number one advantage is being able to have whatever flower your heart desires. Yes, those hard to get peonies, expensive orchids and delicate roses. You no longer have to think about seasons or even think of planning your wedding date because you had your heart set on a particular flower style to suit the theme of your wedding. Your favorite flower in your favorite color is there for the choosing… and it’s just that simple!

No Wilting, No Dying and You Can Keep Them Forever

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Heat is a huge enemy of fresh flowers, and for those of us who live in the hot parts of the country, we know that it doesn’t take much for your beautiful blooms to start looking sad… not only will your artificial flowers look amazing all day, but they can be kept for years to come. Now you can gift your other half some of these stunning artificial flower bouquet sitting proudly in a gorgeous vase, which will last them a lifetime serving as a beautiful reminder of their special day.

Artificial Flowers Are Allergy Free

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Now this can be a big one for some people. Allergies on the day of love can be a nightmare when all you really want is to be surrounded by gorgeous flowers on the day of love! By giving faux flowers, which look just like the real ones. You don’t have to worry about the allergies and you can finally experience what’s it like sitting around the beautiful flowers. No sneezing, wheezing, itching or pollen’s to worry about. Just beautiful flowers that everyone can enjoy!

A Wide Range of Selection

Faux plants and flowers give you the flexibility to choose from all kinds and types of plants and flowers. In addition, you don’t even have to worry about location, temperature and seasons all you have to do is pick your favorites. Even during transportation, you do not have to worry whether they will wither due to harsh conditions and less sunlight. You can now take a sigh of relief and book your flowers to be gifted on the day of love right now!

Easy To Transport

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The biggest issue with long-distance love is, that couples cannot send each other flowers as they tend to wilt till the time they reach. These couple long the idea of gifting flowers but don’t know a possible alternative. To their rescue comes stunning looking artificial flowers. They are sure to reach your love in the way you send them. They can be easily boxed and transported without any hassle, are generally lightweight and once there can be unpacked, fluffed out and looking perfect. They are quite hardy and travel well. Good quality artificial blooms are the perfect alternative and you definitely won’t regret it.

Low Maintenance

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They require little or no maintenance to look stunning day in day out. You don’t have to worry about watering them from time to time or have to bother your neighbor when you travel outside the city. As they do not need sunlight, you can keep them wherever you want.

Artificial flowers are ideal if you are not a maintenance-friendly person. They give the illusion of having real flowers at affordable prices (Why not purchase an artificial flower) , but they have the same aura and bring in the same positivity as the real ones do. The pop-of-color and some love is what you need this Valentine’s day! To have you sorted, here is our list of the top 10 amazingly beautiful and unique flowers that you can gift your other half! 

Happy Flowering!

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