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How Can You Use Your Red Lipsticks Other Than Using It As A Lipstick?

Red Lipstick Useful Hacks
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Diamonds might be something that stays forever, but red lipstick is a girl’s best friend. There’s a reason why the statement-making red pout never goes out style: it’s a work of art, it is very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. 

All girls have this thought at the top of their priority list that if they are ever to be stranded on a desert island and be permitted three things, one can bet that the essentials for creating a red pout would be number one on the list. I mean, how are you expected to be rescued when you’re simply not feeling yourself? Red lipstick genuinely makes any look instantly refined.

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Red lipstick is without a doubt the real game-changer, and a plump red pout is the quintessential sexy look. This irreplaceable piece of beauty has been a staple in all our ladies’ makeup bags since days of yore.

The merry season, the Christmas time is simply round the corner, what better way than to apply a full layer of red and feel yourself?

A swipe of it can in split-second glitz you up, and indeed, it’s additionally universally complimenting. If you believe in the intensity of red lipstick, you should know that the way it looks on you absolutely relies upon how you apply it.

This is our handy guide on the most proficient ways to wear red lipstick other than on lips with absolute flawlessness and pulling it off like the boss you are! So if you have a stick or two lying around that is going to expire or that you simply don’t put in use any longer, here are a couple of hacks to make your red lipstick last in more ways than one. Leave all your doubts at the door and be ready to get all DIY with your old red lipsticks. Here
are some alternative uses for them.

As a perfect concealer

Red Lipstick as a concealer
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Oh yes, red lipstick as a concealer is a totally legitimate thing, so give it a go. If you are a panda, I mean if you are someone who had big and black dark circles, start applying your loved red lipstick under and around your eye circles with my normal concealer brush. You can also apply the same on other dark spots and blemishes that you might have. Just keep in mind to not apply too much of it because the lipstick might be harder to cover up with concealer. After applying your red lipstick on all the affected areas, cover it with your skin-matching concealer, and there you have, a perfectly done face!

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For perfectly tinted cheeks 

Red Lipstick as blush
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Who does not want blushing cheeks? To have the perfect tinted cheeks, use your loved red lipstick and just blend it in with your fingers. This trick is just as old as time, but it is sure to give you the desired result. 

To Mix With Other Lipsticks

Red Lipstick mixing

All of us face a problem where we just can’t find the shade we have been picturing in our heads for weeks. There’s no need to go out and make your own lipstick when you can easily mix your own products together to achieve the color you want. Mix your old lipsticks to make a custom shade of your choice. 

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Turn It Into Lip Balm

Lip Gloss
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Sick of that bold, matte lip? Have no fear: Turning your lipstick into a tinted lip balm is surprisingly easy and a great alternative to wearing red lipstick every day. You just have to take out all the possible ingredients (shea or cocoa butter) and a little microwave time, so stop crying over spilled lippy.

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As an eyeshadow 

eye shadow
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You can also use your loved red lipstick as an eyeshadow and proved the diversity of this makeup item. It is also proved and said that a lipstick eyeshadow tends to last longer than the real deal. Why not try it out for yourself?

There you have it, a possible guide of how to use your red lipstick in multiple ways. Try some of these this Christmas season. 

Happy Red Pouting!

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