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Some Amazing Use of Lipstick That Has Nothing To Do With Just The Lip!

Lipstick Uses
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Each lipstick has a different story, even if they look alike! 

Despite the fact that they’re made only for your pout, lipsticks can be used in a lot of different ways. 

If you aren’t aware and haven’t heard, lip items are exceptionally hot at this moment and for all the good reasons to mention.

For all our dark-skinned beauties!! We’ve listed some useful makeup tips which will surely make you more beautiful.

With regards to lipstick, we’ve basically tried every color and formula which is known to man—and as human nature says we tend to get experimental with all of it. Unlike other beauty items with one use and just one use only, you shouldn’t adhere to just one with your stick of happiness (yes, that is what I like to call it).
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Lipstick is the best possible and the easiest way to change your look from “office professional” to “downtown party” and later to “Sunday brunch.” Because of this, it can probably be easy to get overboard with buying every new lip product as you can use it in multiple ways. 

But still, if you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mostly used sticks in your cosmetics drawer, there are tons of ways to use your lipstick collection that has nothing to do with your lips.
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Here are some quick uses for lipstick you probably
never thought of. 


As Lip Gloss

lip gloss
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Are you on a budget? But want another gloss but do not want to buy another one. Make your own lipstick shine with a dab of Vaseline or coconut oil. 


As a Tattoo Cover-Up

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Using your favorite lipstick as a blush or an eyeshadow may be a very obvious use to a lot of makeup lovers, but did you realize you could use it to cover tattoos? Use red lipstick to fill in the territory you need secured (since red acts as a neutralizer), then conceal it with a full-coverage concealer, and set with powder. Do not believe me? Try it yourself—you’ll be astonished by the outcomes.


As Your Highlight and Contour

lipstick as contour
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This won’t work with your usual, typical lipstick shades, however, if you have nudes and tans lying around, use those to shape your face and be the Queen of Contouring.

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That apparently delicate stick in your makeup pouch is a genuine transformer. Likely the most multipurpose cosmetics item on your makeup rack at the present time, a lipstick can pull off a whole make-up look from drab to fab without any help and you didn’t have the foggiest idea! Time to dispose of the vanity extras because here’s your Lady Friday for life. 

Presenting some fab lipstick hacks that will help you for sure!

  • For a high-fashion, glossy eyeshadow look, try swiping some lipstick on your eyelids
lipstick eyeshadow
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Try applying some lipstick on your eyelids for a very high-fashion, glossy eyeshadow look. It’s a much less commonly used practice than lipstick as blush but doing so can make you achieves that “straight off the runway” look.  

If you are looking for a subtle, sun-kissed look, try a shimmery brown, but if you’re willing to go bold, go for pink or any other brighter color. It is sure to give you that super edgy look for party night outs. 

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  • Want a colored eye liner but do not want to invest in one, the lipstick comes to rescue
lipstick as eye liner
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After trying and using your lipstick as an eyeshadow, it’s time to make some bold and dramatic wings using your favorite lipstick. Liquid-to-matte lipsticks are preferable for this because they dry down matte and are transfer-proof. When applied they are sure to give you that amazing high-end colored liner look. 

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  • To achieve that flawless face, correct the errors using a lipstick
cure errors with lipstick
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Are you someone who just does not want to hoard dozens of color correctors? High-five, I am the same person! To make you achieve the same task, bring out that bottomless lipstick box to work on those skin imperfections. If you want to hide those scars left by acne, use your peach-colored lipstick as a color corrector. If wanting to fight an all-nighter, camouflage with the help of a coral lippie. And if you have some skin woes to hide, use a rose-tinted lipstick to brighten the dullness. 

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  • For highlighting purposes, use a frosted lipstick like a highlight stick
lipstick as highlighter
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When you are contouring with your lipstick it also needs some highlighting to be done. Thinking how can that be done? Tell me one thing, do you have some frosted lipsticks from the early 2000s?

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Treat a frosted lipstick like a highlight stick and swipe it anywhere you’d normally highlight – your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow, under your eyebrow arch, and the tip of your chin.  Blend and you’ll be all set and glowy.

For every problem

there is only one solution

the right shade of lipstick!

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