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A Few Tips To Keep In Mind While Applying The Bold Red Lipper!

Red Lipsticks
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We all just love the idea of a red lipstick to wear around the evening time, adding instant sex appeal to any outfit, yet in actuality, it can sometimes also look a bit much, or like we’ve made a decent attempt (or smudged it all over our teeth). Lipstick holds an exceptionally incredible place in a lady’s makeup routine—and has since quite a while ago held its top spot in the chain of importance of cosmetics.

That little tube of color can totally change your appearance without the help of any other beauty product. So to makes things less complex we’ve made some hard, quick rules to perfect your red lip forever.

Red lipstick is elegant, very classic and extremely versatile. With some of these guidelines, everybody (truly, that implies you) can wear it.

However, as common as this product is (you have 4 tubes gliding around in your tote at this very moment, right?) and apparently clear as crystal for what it’s worth to put on, there are incalculable application tips and facts you’ve most likely never ever heard of

A red, hoe this bold red color makes our entire character pop out with those luscious lips making the boldest of statements for you! We ladies have a weakness for that red lipstick in the entirety of our souls and we are completely overwhelmed by the way that it holds the ability to totally change our general character.

But, let’s not forget that there are some rules that need to be followed here before you apply that red lipstick on your luscious lips. So,let’s take a look at the rules that you must follow before making your lips bleeding red.

  • Keep in mind the rest of your makeup and your whole look
applying makeup
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Tell me one thing, can you sport a red lip with some pink blush? We can say yes, surprised? It can be a yes if that pink blush is used as a natural flush. Keep in mind what makeup look you want to put rather than just keeping a strong head to applying a red bold lip. You should keep in mind what you’re wearing. A lot of times a punchy red lip can be the perfect lift to an all-black outfit and a great statement without wearing eye make-up. If you’re wearing red, try slightly clashing it with a different toned red if you don’t want to look too matchy-matchy.

Things That You Should Be Aware Of Your Makeup Kit

  • Foundation is the first step in making your red lip last
lip foundation
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Just like it happens with your eye shadow, lipstick is also to stay longer when it is applied on top of a base. To make your bold red lip last longer, prepare your lips for that bold red pout by coating them very lightly with some concealer or some foundation, you can also use a primer specifically made for your lips. Following this step will ensure that the true color of your lips is in place and your bold red lips stay for long. 

  • Exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick
lips exfoliation
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Just like the rest of your body, you need to exfoliate your lips of dead skin cells. Smoother and softer lips will create the perfect canvas for bright color—and there are a variety of multitasking products and scrubs to choose from on the market.

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  • Lining your lips is a must, a must I repeat! 
lip linner
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Gone are the days where our lip color rubs off and we’re left with that oh-so-80 line… Use a red liner, but the color in the whole lip for extra staying power and peace of mind. The only thing worse than getting red lipstick on your teeth (and not knowing about it), is having it swiped across your face. Lining your lips with similar color will not only help keep the pigment in the correct spot but also can make your lips appear fuller and increase the staying power of a tube of lipstick. Apply it in thin steady strokes around the perimeter and then continue to use the pencil to fill in your lips before applying your actual lip color.

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  • Lipstick is sometimes best applied using a brush 
lipstick being used as a brush

It is best to use a tool when actually applying the color. This is often used by professional makeup artists, as using a lip brush gives you better control of where the lipstick lands. While the top of lipsticks are generally slanted for better application, the thick, chunky shape isn’t ideal for precision.

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  • Red is bold, it does not always have to be bold
shades of red lipstick
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For a more subtle and natural color you can apply some balm (Lip Balm and Lip Gloss are two separate things, read why) first, then add lipstick by patting on with your finger starting in the center and dabbing outwards – this will create more of a stained lip look. So if the color in the bullet looks bright, you can try it out first with 50% less punch.

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  • Match the red with your skin tone
red lipstick on different skin tone
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Think about skin tone, eye color – it all makes a difference. Bold brights look great against darker skin tones. Bluey-reds (like the classic pillar box shade) can make your teeth look whiter, while this season’s orangey-reds go great with a tan. Try them all – the right one is the one that brings your complexion to life.

  • No rule follows if you’ve found ‘THE ONE’
Happily wearing red lipstick

The bottom line is, there really aren’t any rules if you find a shade that you love. And how will you know it’s the right red for you? It will look and feel just right.

The next wedding festivities you have, plan a red bold lip. Keep these tips in mind and rock this wedding and merry Christmas season.

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