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Here Is You Ultimate List of Scarves, Which Is Sure to Upgrade Your Look to Just Another level!

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We’re only about mid-way through winter, but everything in our wardrobe is starting to feel old to us, isn’t it? Though cold-weather accessories are nothing new to a winter-proof wardrobe, they continue to be the icing on the cake every time I start to get bored. From gloves to beanies, we all find no better way to keep warm and bundled. However, our number one winter accessory of choice has to be a scarf. They can be worn in invite ways, which are then sure to elevate your look to the next level. 

Whether wrapped around your neck or draped across the shoulders, you’ll look a ton more stylish. Look at some types of scarves you need in your closet.

Here are a few trending scarves and ways to style them, which are sure to make you look amazing! 

Fringe Scarf

So a long piece of cloth, basically a scarf with some fringe details might sound very basic to you all, but it’s actually it is one of the most favorites of many as you have an unwavering amount to pick from, and this is one just sounds perfect for every occasion. Style your scarfs like a diva. These scarfs when paired according to color, particularly in strong contrast of neutrals and bright, are sure to look stylish. It’s a style that looks great with jeans for every day and is an effortless way to make a basic outfit scream winter perfection. This winter don’t forget to stock up your wardrobe with some scarfs, because they’ll never go out of style.

Blanket Scarves/Wraps

We all love blanket scarves because their wearability is infinite. Whether you want to circle it around your neck, drape it over the shoulders, or wrap it around your body, this is the one type of scarf that allows you to achieve it all. If you have a thick knitted one, you can almost skip your jacket completely. Read our list of some of the trendiest scarfs for 2020. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about how to style and tie your blanket scarves to make them looking stylish, we are sure to come up with one article for you! 

Fur Stole

This textured accessory hits home run with casual denim outfits; however, don’t underestimate its poised powers when meshed with dressier ensembles. Complete the look with booties and sunglasses, uff and the fashion diva is out to roll. Read how many different ways you can style your favorite scarf.

Oblong Scarf

We don’t think we’ve seen anything more adorable than an oblong scarf with two fur pom poms attached on the ends. The great thing about oblong scarves is that they can be layered with one another to create an interesting layered look. You can then wrap them around your neck or wear them as a double loop. We usually like to mix two different colors so you get more of a dimensional feel. Try it for yourself to know how it all turns out. Look at some scarf trends for 2020 which will make your oblong scarf more fashionable.

Silk Scarf

There is no better way to tidy up your winter look than with a sophisticated silk scarf. Whether you want to tie it around your neck, head, handbag, or waist, this one is quite the versatile piece. In addition, it can without a doubt take your outfit to the next level. They all look timeless, expensive, and chic. You can always opt for one in a bright color, floral prints, paisleys, and geometric shapes. Look how our Bollywood stars style their scarf. If you’re inclined to buy them all, please don’t blame us. 

Now that you know what all scarves can be bought and worn to upgrade your look to another level, stock up your wardrobe soon with the ones you love! 

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