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8 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair During Monsoon

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Monsoon can be tricky time to take care of your hair. With all the humidity and dampness in the air, not only your skin but hair takes a toll too. You hair can get frizzy, rough, and even have the frightening and unwanted hair fall. Dandruff as well is something that you would rather not have, but may end up getting during this rainy season. So how can you prevent your hair from getting any harm in this season of monsoon?

Don’t fret, we have made a list of some amazing hair care tips that will for sure give that extra protection to your hair. Take a look:

1.Do not get too tempted to dance in the rain

While for monsoon lovers, the season calls for at once dancing in the rain, you should totally avoid it now. This is definitely not because it is childish, because we know how fun it can be, but because most of the rains today have high chemical content, and are more or less acid rains. These acid rains can take a toll on your hair and damage them more than you can imagine. It may be not much, but this simple preventive step can save your hair from the long term damage. Moreover, it is better to keep yourself off of the monsoon downpour, because sometimes you can unintentionally get stuck in the rains, and well, that is not in your hands, but prevention is.

2. Drink Water

No matter how much we say it, it will be less. Stay hydrated. Drinking water helps you keep not just your insides and skin hydrated, but your hair as well. This in turn helps you have a healthy and bouncy mane, no matter what hair type. Drinking water is not just for an amount of time, but for the long run. After all, there is a reason you need water to survive and that you are about 72% water!

3. Do not keep your hair tight

Avoid tight braids or buns during monsoon. The humidity can get packed in your hair and result in hair damage, frizz and even odor. It is best to keep your hair loose. And if you have long tresses, try a loose ponytail or a very loose bun, so that there is a flow of air in them and they can breathe. This will also help them stay dry, at least drier than in a tight up do, which will in turn ensure healthy hair.

4. Shampoo right

Shampooing your hair too much or too less can damage them too, especially in a season like monsoon. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to shampoo two or, at max, three times a week. Plus, you have to shampoo thoroughly, from the roots, straight to the tips. The kind of shampoo you use also plays a major role on your hair, as everyone has different needs, and different shampoos suit them as well as fulfill those needs. If a shampoo is too harsh on your hair and makes it too rough and damaged, you should definitely change your shampoo. Being thorough during shampooing your hair will ensure that all the dirt and unwanted substances are out of your hair, which is pretty common during the sticky season of rains.

5. The perfect comb

Believe it or not, combs play an important role in managing your hair, and keeping them healthy. A comb with too sharp teeth or too closely packed teeth is going to be damaging, that is for sure. Especially during monsoons, tangled hair is something everyone gets tired of. A wide toothed comb ensures minimum damage and maximum protection to your hair. And while we are at the topic of combing your hair, avoid combing them when they are wet. Wet hair is weaker and can break much easily, so it should be noted that avoid combing them wet. If they are tangled and need to be tended, use and extremely wide comb, so that not only can it easily detangle the hair, but does not damage it or make it fuzzy.

6. Avoid Junk Food

Monsoon is the perfect time that call for junk foods like samosas and pakoras among other scrumptious fried food. But junk food can have an adverse effect on your hair. This is not just because of too much oil and it being unhealthy, but also due to the fact that you do not know how fresh it is. Monsoon invites the rapid growth of several insects and bacteria that can affect the food that has been premade and kept for some time. This can get you sick, and even cause harm to your hair, believe it or not. Instead, try the home made alternatives that are much more hygienic and healthier.

7. Oil Massage

There is nothing better than a relaxing and rejuvenating oil massage. This ensures that your scalp is getting the proper nourishment it needs and your tresses stay healthy. And this is definitely not something that you should only do in the monsoon, but something you should definitely do in the season. Moreover, oiling you hail helps in dandruff reduction as well as dry scalp and hair, and gives the hair a much needed natural conditioning boost. Be it coconut oil, amla oil or any other oil, it depends on what you like and what suits you. Many people even go for ore conditioning, which is applying oil to your hair about five to ten minutes before shampoo, and you would not need any conditioner. Backed up by several hair experts, you can try it out for yourself. Oil your hair at least twice a week, and you would not be disappointed with the results.

8. Home remedies for the win

There are several home remedies that you can try to give your hair that extra dose of nourishment. The benefit of home remedies are that they are DIY (do it yourself), easy to make and use, and that they almost never do any harm. For example, many people apply aloe vera pulp to their hair, as it has many medicinal qualities, and keeps the hair hydrated and dandruff free. Many people also apply curd or eggs or even both mixed, on their hair for shine, softness and silky texture of hair. There are many DIYs available for you to try, and you should definitely give them a go every once in a while.

Have a happy hair day, every day this rainy season!

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