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8 Ways To Drape Your Bandana

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Bandanas trace back to the 18th century and are a very hippie thing. They are the most volatile accessories and can be styled in a hundred different ways to match your outfit and your style. Know widely for pulling off a coy boyish look your first go to needs to be the bandana. They come in different colors and sizes and can be suitably adjusted according to the demand at hand. Diy Bandanas To Elevate Your Daily Look.

Bandanas instantly add color and sprinkle pop onto your mundane attire timelessly. They might be pretty easy to deal with, only if you get a hang of how to go about using them. So here we bring to you a few ways through which you can style the bandana and pull off an ideal look.

The Traditional Trifold

The Traditional Trifold
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The traditional trifold is one that covers a major part of your head. To pull off this style, you need to fold the bandana into a triangle. You then need to tie a know using the diagonal ends of the rectangle or the elongated ends of the triangle. The knowledge should be tied at the rear end of your head. There, you’ll be looking like a pirate with this style. If Jack Sparrow could pull it off, can’t you?

Alternative Pirate Wrap

Pirate Wrap Bandana
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To pull off this style, you’ll initially need to prepare a trifold. Place the trifold over your hairline or the flat edge of the bandana right above your eyebrows. Use the loose ends to make a knot around the back of your head, right above your ears.

The Everyday Headband

everyday headband Bandana
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For this, you will have to fold the bandana from one diagonal end to the other diagonal end. Once that is done, you will have to tie a know at the rear end of your head. This will give you your everyday headband, that can be coupled with any outfit.

The Knotted Headband

Knotted Bandana headband

Instead of wearing it like an ordinary headband while tying it in the rear end, in this style you’ll be trying it right on top of the head. Instead of folding it from one diagonal end to the other, you could just use the trifold and tie a know in the front part.

The Ponytail Style

Bandana Ponytail
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To pull off this style, you’ll have to tie the bandana around the ponytail. Twist the bandana completely and tie a knot or a bow. Push your ponytail through the knot. You’ll timelessly be ready for a chic 80’s look.

Hair Warp

Hair Wrap
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For this vintage style, start off by making the trifold and drape it around your shoulders like a cape. Use the elongated corners of the trifold and make a knot or a bow over your head. Use the loose end of the bandana that has not been put in the knot and push it through the knot. There you’ll be ready with a complete hair wrap. You could also pull off this hair wrap using one of these bandanas like a pro.

Bandana Bun

Bandana Bun
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This is pretty similar to the Ponytail style. You’ll first need to wrap up your hair in a bun to pull this off. Waking up and pulling off a new hair-do might not be all that easy and fun. Yet, this style which is easy to drape doesn’t really consume much time. Using the trifold of the bandana, tie the bandana around your bun like a hair tie, similar to the one in the ponytail style. Ta-da! you’ll be prepared to pull off a messy look timelessly.

The Scout Look

Scout Look - Bandana
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This is usually used to style the bandana around your neck. You could tie it around like the French girl, like a choker or pull off the scout look. For this, you’ll have to fold the bandana into a triangle or fold the bandana from one diagonal to another. Using this triangle or the rectangle, depending upon your fold, you should place it along your shoulders. Using the loose ends of the bandana tie a knot in the front. Voila! You can now instantaneously pull off the scout look

You could even try tying it around like an anklet or around your bag to add some pop to your monotonous bag. You could even try tying it around like a bracelet or even around your knee. You could literally play around with the Bandana and pull off any style. Get yourself one of these bandanas to try out all of these styles. Do tell us which one of these you liked the most in the comments below.

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