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8 Ways to Prevent ‘Maskne’ While You Mask Your Way To Safety

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By now we all have made or bought your loved and preferred face mask to stay a little protected from the deadly virus and we all have been without a fail diligently wearing it for the past couple of months now. 

Suddenly you realize you are experiencing breakouts in strange new spots out of the blue. The chances are you’re likely dealing with “maskne“. 

Usually, healthcare workers are the ones who have been experiencing mask-induced breakouts and skin irritation, but a few of us having sensitive skin are also experiencing the same. Masks have become a part of everyday life for the rest of us and because of this dermatologists are being bombarded with appointments for these new skincare issues. And unfortunately, the scorching weather we’ve all been waiting for is only making matters worse.

You think you are the only one having skincare struggles… no you are not alone! But the question is how do you treat these breakouts, and prevent them from happening in the first place? 

Here are 8 tips that can help you prevent these unwanted friends on face:

Wash your face first

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Dirt and oil on your skin will get caught under the mask and can cause breakouts. Continuously put your mask on over a perfectly clean face. Pick a delicate cleanser that is fragrance free and oil free. Flush with tepid water, not hot. Abstain from cleaning or scouring the skin.

Apply a good moisturizer

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Lotion keeps your skin hydrated and acts like an obstruction to grating from your mask. Pick one that is aroma free and oil free. Search for defensive fixings like ceramide and hyaluronic corrosive. Keep away from substantial items that can obstruct your skin and make you break out.

Skip the makeup

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Don’t wear makeup underneath your mask. Masks act like occlusive barriers, which means trapped makeup can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Also, residue from makeup can soil your mask fabric.

Wear only clean masks

Wear only clean masks
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Dirt  and oil from your skin in addition to microbes from your mouth and nose will wind up on your material veil. Keep a revolution of covers close by and wash them after each wear. 

Stick to fragrance-free laundry detergent 

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When washing your mask, choose a fragrance free laundry detergent and lay flat to dry. Fragrance within fabric can be an irritant, so you definitely don’t want it on your face.

Don’t reuse surgical masks

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Surgical masks are not meant to be reused because there is no good way to clean them. The CDC does not recommend surgical masks for the public. But if you choose to use one, don’t use the same one twice. 

Protect your ears

Elastic strap loops can cause friction burns on the backs of your ears. If your skin is sensitive or if you’ll be wearing a mask for long periods of time, there are alternatives. You can attach the straps to buttons on a headband or to a clip behind your head.

Avoid harsh products

Avoid harsh products - mask
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Medicated products like retinol or benzoyl peroxide are more irritating under a mask. If you’re wearing a mask a lot, either use less of them or stop using them altogether.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we might be wearing masks for a long time. The right skin care routine can help lessen mask-related skin damage and breakouts.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

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