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8 Tips to Make Your Monsoon Makeup Look Perfect

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Everyone loves makeup? Whether your style is full glam or minimalistic, there is no doubt that all of us have that one cosmetic that we are crazy about. The advent of internet and innumerable tutorials available on multiple platforms has made us all master this art. We all love glamming ourselves with that extra layer, don’t we?

When it comes to makeup, monsoon is that one time of the year that proves to be tough for your glammed face. Not only are your skin and hair more likely to get damaged because of the damp weather, but you will also end up wasting a lot of product if you are not careful.

Doing an entire face of makeup during the rainy reason can be difficult if you do not have a full set of waterproof products. This season can get you all irritated, however, following these tips can help!

1. Primers and Tonners

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During monsoon, you should take steps to make sure that whatever makeup you put on your skin stays budge-proof in spite of the rain and humidity. After you cleanse your skin of all impurities, use a toner to smooth out your face. Now you can create the perfect base for makeup by applying a sticky primer that will hold everything together. Primers are meant to shield your skin from against dust and water which are enemies for your makeup.

2. Monsoon foundations

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If you are a full coverage girl, then liquid foundations must be your best friend. But you have to compromise during monsoon unless you want to look like a hot mess!! You can switch to a light coverage BB or CC cream that will give you a good base to work with. You can also go for a powder-based formulation that will melt into your skin and set itself. If you are not ready to give up on liquid foundation, then you should choose a silicone-based formula that will protect your skin.

3. Lips my girl!

Creamy, glossy lips give a full and plump look that looks very attractive. However, you can be sure that satin and cream finish lipsticks will wash off your face the moment it starts raining creating odd stains on your skin.

A gloss will not last very long, and that can be inconvenient in your workplace. The best things to do is to opt for ultra-matte liquid lipsticks that are budge-proof. If you want something a little more hydrating, then you can use a lip tint or a soft matte lip cream.

4. Perfect monsoon eyes??

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While powdery eyeshadows promise a punch and more pigment, it would be a mistake to use them during the rainy season. If you do not want your eyeshadow to go AWOL in the first half of the day itself, then you should opt for eye tints that will dry down matte on your eyelids within a minute. Brands are also coming out with liquid eyeshadows that are easy to apply and remain budge-proof throughout the day.

5. Smudged liner or kohl?

If you love using a kohl or an eyeliner, then you have to use waterproof options because there is no way around it. Your eyes will remain accentuated throughout the day if you use waterproof formulas. However, that also means you need to hydrate your lids before application. For a matte look, you can go for felt-tip liners that do not shift around unlike cream formulas.

6. Want those perfect lashes?

There are a number of waterproof mascaras available in the market and you can pick one that you like. The only problem with the usual prevailing formulas is, that it refuses to come off at the end of the day, but that is an adjustment you have to make. You can layer your favorite mascara with a waterproof one for the perfect finish.

7. Plump Cheeks?

For blush and contour, you should undeniably go for cream products because they melt into the skin as opposed to sitting on top it. A creamy or liquid cheek tint will give you a natural flush throughout the day. Your cheekbones will remain chiseled even if it rains cats and dogs.

8. Setting Sprays are the monsoon besties!

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Usually, a primer is enough to hold your look together for the rest of the day. But monsoons are an exception. You cannot skip out on the setting spray because it will help create one more protective layer over your makeup. You can invest in a high-end setting spray so that the effect is long-lasting.

Now you are all ready to step out into the rain looking like a queen. If you follow these tips, nothing will be able to spoil your makeup!
Go girl!

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