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8 Things That No One Tells Indian Girls: Here Is Your Makeup Guide

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Women of the Indian region have some of the most beautiful features. The beauty and magnificence of Indian ladies are known all over the globe. When you speak about Indian girls, the picture that rings a bell is one of outlandish beauty – A shy, hesitant appearance with traditional makeup, sparkling dark-colored skin, sharp highlights and inconceivable eyes with shining hair encircling the face.

Their almond-shaped eyes are dazzling and they ought to be the main focus when applying makeup. Indian girls like each ethnicity differ in skin tones, from olive to dark complexion and by picking the correct makeup shading for your particular skin tone you can make a totally flawless look.

Taking a gander at the photos of faultlessly sparkling desi young ladies dribbling with a highlighter, overflowing sun-kissed hotness with their flushed cheeks and shiny skin, and wonder how you can recreate it? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. 

Makeup should be used to enhance the natural beauty of Indian girls, but it should not be very overwhelming and overpowering.  Making that vibe of freshness isn’t that difficult to achieve if you use the correct shades of makeup to draw out that characteristic gleam in dusky, warm-toned brown colored skin. So many shades to look over… but what do you think which one is the best one for you? 

If you want to have the most flawless look which is fit for a Indian girls, read further:

lighting the face using foundation

Keep in mind, the perfectly matching foundation is like the holy grail, which actually is very hard to find. If you like putting some base, take some time out to find the shade that matches your complexion. If you are blessed with a beautiful brown complexion, then never try to lighten your skin with makeup. Not only does it look odd, but it’s also entirely unnecessary. Always keep in mind that you are blessed with dark skin and it is a generous canvas — you can wear prints, the brightest white and every color of lipstick on the planet. (Here is our guide for the best lipstick for Indian beauties) More importantly, you woke up like this! Be confident with your complexion. 

coconut oil for indian hair

Always keep in mind that less is more. Being an Indian beauty you all are well versed with a lot of products that have great natural significance. Follow the Indian wisdom, condition your hair with coconut oil, and let it sit for a few hours. It helps you soothe a dry scalp. You can also use some yogurt as a leave-in conditioner. With the hair care part done, identify a cut that works for your face. This will help you achieve the look you are looking for. 

bronzer for indian skin

It is obvious if you have darker skin and if you live in India, everyone will give you suggestions that can help make your skin look lighter. With all these suggestions, they would also suggest you to avoid using a bronzer, because they say it will make you look darker. Let me clear the doubt and tell you that this is honestly ludicrous, and a big mistake. If you have yellow- and golden-toned skin, it can be really benefited from adding a little flush of glow that comes from a bronzer or a terracotta blush–because the reddish tones give a very believable flush of color to brown skin. Also, do not use berry blushes or cooler pinks as it is sure to make you look unnatural.

caramel lipstick for indian skin

Think about a warm golden brown with slight hints of red, make caramel the perfect color for a lot of Indian skin tones.  The shade is sure to work beautifully as a gloss and it also makes a great lip color.(You can also apply the same lipstick as eyeshadow and blush) If you are a little darker then keep in mind that peaches, pinky-nudes, and nudes don’t hold a candle to the beauty of this lip color on dusky Indian skin. Still, if you want to move ahead of the caramel color, here are some suggestions for you

warm toned highlighter

One should know that cool-toned highlighters that are frosty or icy can look ashy on many, if not most tan to dusky Indian skin tones. If you are an Indian beauty than a gold undertone is your best bet if you wish to let the light reflect properly. Why are you advised to go with a warm highlighter is because gold goes well with your skin’s naturally yellow and olive tone. So, all those peachy-golds, white-golds, copper-golds, and true-blue yellow golds look beautiful on Indian girls skin–which not a lot of skin tones can pull off!

Here are some full makeup suggestions for the perfect Indi face of yours. 

If you are a dusky 

makeup for dusky skin

If your complexion is a little wheatish or dusky, be the happiest as you do not have to follow any rules! This is the skin tone that can handle the widest range of colors, from the punchiest brights to the palest pastels. You are advised to go for the foundation with names like caramel and honey. Choose eyeshadows with a metallic browns undertone that brighten eyes without being overly sparkly. Add a swoosh of vibrant pinks to the apple of your cheekbones. When it comes to lips just restrain from wearing nude lipsticks with pink undertones or neony hues because they can look icy and ghastly. Your best bet is to buy up every brown nude you can find. Orange and red also looks stunning on darker skins. Here are some of our suggestions for you dark-skinned beauties.

If you are wonderfully weatish 

makeup for weatish skin
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You have the most normal skin-ton like most Indians. To compliment your look play with neutrals to add a healthy glow to your look. Opt foundations that have yellow undertones and gold flecks to take basic nudes and taupes from blah to beautiful. (Here are some foundation hacks for you to try) To highlight your eyes go for pearly brown eyeshadow and peachy pink blush with a dusting of gold on cheeks for that sun-kissed flush. To complete your look, straight away opt for a creamy peach or brighter hue of orange, coral or red on the lips. Keep in mind that lippers with a bright undertone that can look jarring on wheatish skins.

If you are beautifully fair 

makeup for fair skin

Soft pinks and beige toned foundations are the ones that are sure to look the best on your fair complexions. Add a pop of glimmering champagne to have an eye-opening contour and delicate petal-soft pink on cheeks to look stunning. Try and avoid orangey reds and frosty finishes, it will make your skin look sallow and washed out. When it comes to lips try and experiment with brighter lipsticks in reds and pinks.

Here is the complete guide for the correct Indian makeup looks.

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