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Best Moisturizers to Keep The Male Skin Healthy!

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Men will be men, they will always have the tendency to be careless and neglect their skin hygiene, especially their face.
They should always consider that regardless of how cold, hot, dry or windy the weather is, the face is that one part of the body that is always exposed to all kinds of elements, and men are more prone to such problems as they are in the open for the most part of the day. Along with the natural factors of weather, the air is also stuffed with heavy pollutants, in such harsh situations don’t you guys think, a barrier between the elements and our skin be incredibly ideal? Add moisturizer to your routine

We’ve curated a list for your better half also

We all will have to agree that having a dried out face may appear unattractive to the opposite sex and look lazy to your peers. 

Now that all you males have upgraded a little by opting for a good facial cleanser instead of soap and water, it is now time to add another product to your daily skincare routine. A good hydrating moisturizer. A good quality moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated throughout your active day to combat dryness, flakiness, shine, or oiliness.

A moisturizer is sure to make you look youthful by adding a few years along with the SPF protection from the sun, therefore taking
good care of your male skin. 

(Why Is Moisturizing Important In More Detail)

So why not find a great face moisturizer that can make you look younger and healthier, as well as more attractive?

If you don’t know where to start, we have the list ready for you. All these products are sure to be worth
all your time and money. 
Let’s dive into it!

Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Brightening Moisturiser  - Curiouskeeda

This is said to be the best moisturizer for males, as it has a lightweight formula that is invisible on the skin leaving you with a skin that gives an impression of bare skin. It has lemon extracts that work to instantly brighten up the dull male skin while the added green tea particles and essence protects the skin from the prevailing pollution. The moisturizer is also filled with UV filters that protect from the sun. It is advisable to apply twice on the whole face daily.

NIVEA MEN Moisturiser, Oil Control - Curiouskeeda

Nivea is anyway known as the international number one brand for men’s skincare. This moisturizer by Nivea is sure to effectively controls oiliness and eliminates acne-causing bacteria up to 99% for clear skin. Along with all the other benefits, it also effectively whitens skin, repairs dull and damaged skin. It is advisable to apply by lathering up and massaging the cream all over the wet face.

Fair & Lovely Men’s Instant Fairness Rapid Action Cream - Curiouskeeda

This cream is said to be the world’s first, safe and effective skin lightening cream for men. Since its launch in 1975, it has been impacting lives and transforming the fairness of men all over the world. The moisturizer gives fairness to pimple prone skin. It is made using a breakthrough combination of essential vitamins. The cream works within the inner layers of skin to give you fair skin by absorbing all the excess oil from the facial skin. The cream creates a positive change in society in its own small way – by helping men get the confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Garnier Men Acno Fight Pimple Clearing Whitening Day Cream - Curiouskeeda moisturizer

Garnier Men AcnoFight Pimple Clearing Whitening Cream fights pimples and brighten skin. It is advised to apply the cream twice overall face after thorough cleansing. Along with fighting pimples, it also whitens the skin and reduces skin spots. The results are visible from first use. 

Men Expert Hydra Energetic Comfort Max Moisturizer - Curiouskeeda

Regular shaving can leave men’s skin particularly vulnerable to aggressions: it can remove some of the protective hydrolipic film so your skin is dry and feels tight…take action! this fresh formula, designed for men, provides long lasting hydration and reinforces the skin’s natural resistance.

Pond's Men Oil Control Face Crème - Curiouskeeda moisturizer

This is said to be the most amazing as it gives a non-oily non-sticky matte-fresh look through out the day, so you can step out fearlessly. It hydrates the male skin effectively. Its light formulation gets easily absorbed into the skin and does not clog your pores. It’s natural formula also helps in controlling excess oil which helps reduce pimple. With its active ingredients and vitamin B3+, this moisturizer is effective in reducing dark spots to give you an even toned complexion. A formula specially designed for men and their tough skin, the Pond’s Men Oil Control Creme absorbs that excess oil from the skin and helps hydrate it naturally. Brighten your look with this cream as it is a one stop solution for your dull and oily skin. This moisturizer is best suited for men with oily or combination skin. 

QRAA 10 In 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer For Men With Sun Shield  - Curiouskeeda moisturizer

This is a multi-beneficial skin protector for winters, keeps your skin safe from various environmental hazards, at the same time nourishes your skin and prevents premature ageing. The cream also gives a natural instant luminous shine along with 24Hr miniaturization. Its active ingredients prevents premature ageing and the blue algae keeps skin supple. The added mineral cocktail to improve the skin appearance along with proving sun protection and reducing pigmentation.

Man Arden Sunblock Sport Sunscreen SPF 50, Non Greasy & Water Resistant  - Curiouskeeda moisturizer

Males being overexposure to solar radiation darken their complexion and accelerates skin aging. The male skin is especially prone to melanin overproduction induced by exposure to UV radiation. Man Arden Sunblock Sports Sunscreen with SPF 50 is crafted especially to protect the male skin susceptible to pigmentation, breakouts, and photo-aging. An ideal sunscreen for men involved in outdoor activities, it provides broad-spectrum sun protection that eliminates the risk of the skin losing its natural tone, radiance, and texture.

The non-greasy formulation gives a smooth, clean comfortable feel, which makes it suitable for daylong use in all weather conditions. Thanks to the anti-aging moisturizing agents in the sunscreen, your skin retains its hydration despite exposure to sunlight.

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