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7 Ravishing Valentine’s Day Alternatives For Fresh Cut Roses!

Fresh cut roses
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We all know that roses and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand and are just the perfect partners but should nowhere mean that you go by this almost all the time. This also nowhere means that there aren’t great alternatives available to Valentine’s Day roses out in the market. I know it becomes very unthinkable about any other sort of flower at this time of year when roses seem almost obligatory to even consider any other types of flowers.

However, with the change in time and preferences, there’s nothing wrong with branching out and trying some other variety of flower for your other-half. There is a whole world of flowers ready to make your Valentine’s Day surprise all the more amazing and add an extra spark to this year’s celebrations.(Is your valentine flower saying more than you want to say?) If you think your lover is the type that just wouldn’t rate the gift of even one hundred red roses, fear not. From regal tulips and delicate anemones to rare types of exotic orchids, there are a wealth of alternatives at your fingertips. Here’s the lowdown.

Ravishing Red Tulips

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‘Red tulips are in fact symbolic of undying love and devotion.’

They are just as equally rich in color and vibrant in nature having the utmost grace as the traditional rose, red tulips are in the ultimate representation of undying love and devotion – making them the perfect statement. In tulips, comes color variation. The flower is also available in the color purple which are associated with royalty, should you be looking to treat your loved one like a King or a Queen.

Delightful Daisies

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Without a doubt, one can think of the traditional daisy a fine selection for the ray of sunshine in your life. The flower perfectly shows loyalty, purity, innocence, and cheer – there is no better way to put a spring in your loved one’s life. With them in your hand, your love is sure to smile her/his heart out. 

Attractive Anemones

Anemones roses hd images
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‘Simultaneously acting as a symbol of undying love and as a protector from all evil.’

With a name that translates to “daughter of the wind”, anemone’s are as delicate and beautiful just as your love. They are sure to make your love bloom and make the receiver blush with its softness. But that’s not to say they aren’t powerful, simultaneously acting as a symbol of undying love and as a protector from all evil.

Pretty Pink Carnations

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The carnation’s formal name – dianthus – is derived from the Greek word for “heavenly flower”, which is an accurate description of the flower’s intricate folds. Those in a soft shade of pink are reminiscent of a mother’s eternal love. Giving them are sure to make the person be happy and feel the amount of love you have to express. 

Ornate Orchids

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‘Those in red are the ultimate symbol of femininity.’

Nothing says beauty like the sensual lines and exotic nature of the orchid. Of course, there are many types. They are becoming the ultimate favorite of many, having available in multiple options. While those in red are the ultimate symbol of femininity, the Lady’s Slipper orchid – no euphemism intended – narrowly escaped extinction in the mid-twentieth century making it a truly rare and charming gift.

Pink Kalanchoe Duo

Pink Kalanchoe Duo roses
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Live plants do not just look picture-perfect; they release oxygen, absorb airborne toxins and up humidity levels, making them an ideal gift for a Valentine. The Pink Kalanchoe Duo from Serenata boasts a delicate arrangement of two long-lasting pink Kalanchoe plants. Presented in a rustic trough, this fantastic gift will delight any green-fingered recipient! Would you be impressed if your Valentine decided to get such a plant?


Carnations roses hd images
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Carnations can make great alternatives to Valentine’s Day roses depending on their color. Signifying both pure love and good luck in the case of white and deep love and admiration in the case of red; they can send the perfect loving message for the most romantic of occasions. If you are in a passionate and committed relationship then red or white carnations could be the ideal complement to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Whichever of these amazing alternatives to Valentine’s Day roses you decide to choose, remember it’s not long now until the big day itself. Also keep in mind that these beautiful flowers that you will be giving to your other half with all your love are sure to wilt away, so it is better to give them something which lasts a lifetime. And the best alternative for this problem is giving artificial flowers. With all modern advancements, they now look very realistic.(Why to give your loved one a flower on valentine’s day.) They are now also available in multiple options, which makes the selection process amazing. When ordering for these artificial blossoms, be sure to order well in advance to avoid disappointment and product shortages that are common at this time of year. 

Just in case you are a little confused about which flower to buy, here is our guide of the top 10 uniquely beautiful artificial flowers which you can gift your other half this Valentine’s day. 

If you want to send the best flowers and the perfect surprise for Valentine’s Day order online today. 

Happy Flower Choosing!!

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