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The Versatile Bandana Serving All Purposes: 7 Basic Alternate Uses Of The Bandana

Female wearing bandana
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Bring back the cowboy style with your everyday bandana. These classics always seem to stand out with its varied uses. This ubiquitous vibrant piece of cloth is a part of a variety of survival gear lists and fashion accessories. Taking the already existing obsession around bandanas to another level, we are here with a few amongst the many utilities of this everyday gear.

Get yourself one of these bandanas and try and still them the best way possible according to your time and need. This versatile accessory has blown minds since forever and here we are with a handful amongst the long list. Get ready to be blown away with this multi-purpose accessory.

1. DIY Bag

Diy Bag
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There is nothing wrong in using a basic accessory for varied purposes, so here we are with a bandana bag. Tie the diagonal ends of the bandana cloth and carry your loose items like a pro.

2. Shade From The Sun

Walking under the canopy of the sun will never stop. The only way to beat the sun heat is by donning an accessory. At times of need when you have literally nothing, your daily handkerchief or the bandana would come to the rescue. Tie the cloth around the head like a skull cap and let the edges of the cloth hang over your neck. Make your own fashion statement while preventing a tan. Also do not forget to use sunscreen while basking under the sun.  

3. First Aid

First aid kit in bandana
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I’m pretty sure that each one of us at some or the other point in time would have gotten scraped or sprained a leg. Ever realized the use of a bandana then. Fix up the scraped or busted arm using a bandana. Tie it around the region and let it do the rest. Also, if you are down with a cold or a sprain, then the bandana could be your go-to. Wet the cloth, fold it and drop in a few ice cubes, there you’ll be ready with your cold press to deal with it all.

4. Neck Scarf Or A Choker

bandana as a neck scraf
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Are you obsessed with your everyday scarf? And sometimes we definitely forge to carry them along, that’s where the bandana comes to the rescue. Tie the bandana around your neck in your comfortable style and flaunt it. There might also be times when the suns parching heat might end up giving you sunburns. Fix them all with the bandana. Wet the bandana and place it around your neck to cool down the hot neck. Can’t wait to get yourself a bandana, go through this list of bandanas which we bet will leave you with no choice but to buy them all. Elevate your daily with a bandana.

5. Fashion Statement

bandana fashion satement
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I’m pretty sure, this is one thing men would love the best. Bandanas aren’t necessarily worn over the hair, they can work in all possible angles and all possible way. You could probably tie the bandana around your wrist to match it with your outfit. This wouldn’t just accentuate your attire but also add some pop without making too bold a statement. One could also try letting it loose from the pocket. Tuck it in the pocket or around the belt to instantly elevate your everyday look. You could also tie it around you pant. Try matching it with your tee and there you’ll be with a real hippie look.

6. Pocket Square

bandana pocket square
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Men usually love suiting up. The Suite is ideal for formal occasions but wearing it for a not so formal occasion might create a serious vibe around the place. The only way to cool it down is through the bandana. Sounds funny isn’t it but trust me it works. Place the bandana in your pocket square and fix it all. Fold the bandana and place it in your jacket pocket for timeless dapper touch. Bright hues, bold patterns and subtle designs, all of them will definitely help you calm the serious look and balance it out with a pinch of pop.

7. Lampshade

bandana as a lampshade
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I am sure that you might be enough surprised even before this popped up but yes, you can use a bandana as a lampshade. Drape your everyday bandana around the actual lampshade or sew it over the shade. Be a little cautious because bandanas are inflammable.

You could even accessorize your dog, clean your glasses, use it as a sleep mask and what not. The bandana comes in all sizes and colors to suit each one of your individual needs.

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