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7 Alternative Uses Of The Shaving Cream

7 Alternative Uses Of The Shaving Cream
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Shaving creams are an everyday product present in the household. They help to nourish the skin and to enhance the moisture while easing the process of shaving. Shaving cream helps in lifting up the facial hair. Shaving creams are made up of a wide range of products which include- surfactants, emulsifiers, and cleansing agents that serve multiple purposes. There are some mistakes that you make while your shaving.

Shaving products serve a wide range of purposes and here we bring to you, a few amongst the many.

Fogged Glass

Fogged glasses
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The shaving cream can help you get rid of the fogging of a glass. Apply a thin layer of cream and then wipe it off to prevent fogging. One could use this on bathroom mirrors, shower doors, windshields, or eyeglasses to follow this easy defogging technique.

Nail Polish Remover

shaving cream
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Once you are done applying the nail polish, you could remove the excess by using the shaving cream as a nail polish remover. One could also use the cream to remove paint or grease off one’s hand. Shaving gel vs shaving foam!! Which is better?


jewelry - shaving cream
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One could also use the cream to clean their jewelry. The shaving cream makes a good cleaner but not an aggressive one. Cover the jewelry with some shaving cream and rub it around the jewelry to thoroughly clean it. Once you finish rubbing it around, you could wipe it clean and there you will be ready with clean and bright jewelry. Get yourself a shaving lotion right away which will serve all your purposes with ease.

Cleansing Foam

Cleansing foam
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One could also use shaving cream to clean a wide range of products. You could clean the oven by applying the cream on the scoring pad and rubbing it around the stains; wipe it clean for sparkling results. One could also the shaving cream to clean stains from the carpet. Carpet can be really stubborn and a big pain to deal with. The easiest way to clean it is by using the shaving cream. Blot the stain with some cream, pat it and rub it around with a wet sponge and then wipe it clean. People also believe that shaving cream can be used to clean suede shoes. Rub a small amount of cream on the suede shoe along its stain and clean the stain thoroughly. It can also be used to clean the stains developed by hard water which are pretty tough to get rid of. One could also use the cream to remove makeup stain off your everyday clothes. Shaving cream can also be used to add some real sparkle to the dull stainless steel vessels. 


Sunnurn - shaving cream
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The shaving cream could also serve the purpose of soothing the sunburn. Rub some cream on your sunburn for an effective cooling effect on the burn. This can work as an easy after sun lotion and heal the sunburn with ease. Apply the cream over the burn area and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it away. Why not get yourself the best sunscreen?

Squeaky Door Hinge

shaving cream - Door Hinge
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Squeaky door hinges can be a real pain. The easiest way to avoid this problem is by using shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream along with the hinges, nooks, and crannies and allow it to seep in to avoid the squeaky noises being emitted from them. 

Removal Of Dead Skin

shaving cream
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The shaving cream is the easiest way to give yourself a pedicure with ease. Apply the cream n your dry and cracked feet o soften them up. Use a good amount of hot water and dip it in the towel. Wrap the towel around your the severed part of the feet nourished with the cream. Let it sit and simply wipe off remove all the excess dead cells off your skin. 

The shaving cream serves all your purposes. Most of us would have definitely grown up with the cream but would not have explored its multiple purposes. Shaving mistakes that you tend to make. Get yourself a cream not just to have an easy and moisturizing shave but also to try its varied range of uses. Do tell us which amongst these surprised you the most in the comments below.

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