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6 Amazing Christmas Makeup Looks To Try This Red Season!

Mkeup Looks To Try
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The most awesome season (at the very least, for 87% of Americans), Christmas is just round the corner. After a year-long wait, Santa is finally coming! It’s the most amazing time (otherwise known as the holiday season!! yaayyy), which means it’s a great opportunity to burst out your preferred sparkly bodycon dress and level up your makeup looks with loads of brilliant colors, shines and sparkle, and fun clothing textures.

During the festive time, your makeup is as important as the outfit you choose to wear, gifts, and the Christmas dinner on the D-day itself so hit the nail on the head in one go. This special time deserves a makeup look to match all your festive goals. Get some makeup inspo and save all those quick, five-minute beauty routines for some other time and bring some holiday spirits in your veins, having some insane amount of glitter, shimmer and bold lippies

The Perfect MakeUp Guide

Without a doubt, you can do your standard dark eyeliner-and-mascara thing for the 6th year in a row, we don’t mind, or maybe you can at least give a try to one of these below mentioned hella inspiring makeup ideas and naturally be the best-looking cousin in the unavoidable group-photo sessions. 

From sparkle-covered eyelids or maybe the cheeks to the peculiarly pretty looking gold bold lipsticks you have been holding up 11 months to wear, we present to you an ultimate Christmas makeup inspiration round up. You’ll be seeing all your loved ones over this festive period –  why not dazzle them with your on-point Christmas makeup look? That’s the true spirit of Christmas, isn’t it?

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Pull a chair, get your makeup bag set, and praise yourself before a mirror. It’s time for us to begin playing around in your cosmetics box!

Scroll down to create your favorite look this red season!

The Drama-Filled Smokey Eyed Look 

Drama-Filled Smokey Eyed Look
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So, it goes without saying, the smokey eye can never go out of fashion. The look is just a “favorite” among all festive seasons because it is that look that goes with practically every possible party outfit you could ever think of. Once done with the look, no one likes to remove that perfectly done smokey eye makeup look the next morning … not because it was perfectly done, but because you won’t even remember to take the makeup off the time you go to sleep that night (because of too many drinks right!) (Cure Your Hangover Easily). But it is always advisable to remove your makeup the time you sleep, let your skin breath if not your lungs. The harsh fact comes when you have to take off that old makeup. A great tip is to use Coconut oil, not only because it is a great makeup remover, but it also nourishes and hydrates your face, all at the same time!

The Dark Green Eye Lid Look 

Dark Green Eye Lid  Make up Look
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You have to know the correct green shade to wear for both your skin tone and hair shading, and you likewise need to know how to apply it appropriately with the goal that it packs the most extreme effect. You should begin with your eyes while going for an intense shade like these dim green eyes – leave the foundation and everything else until you’ve wrapped up. The brows and eyes will be the most attractive piece of this look (Some Kajal Looks That You Can Go For), so start with them and afterward quiet the remainder of your cosmetics system down to coordinate/highlight the green shades, not conflict with them.

Pick The Foundation That Suits Your Face

The Shimmery Eyes with Bright Bold Red Lips

Shimmery Eyes with Bright Bold Red Lips Makeup Looks
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With regards to Christmas, you can’t get a more iconic look than red lips and gold sparkle eyes (Read How You Can Use Your Lipstick As Your Eye Shadow) – two of the greatest shades related with the merry season. To accomplish this splendid eye makeup look, you’ll have to begin with some groundwork – this is essential to ensure your eye makeup doesn’t move by any means. Glitter has a propensity for getting all over the place, so ensure you apply/hold a bit of tissue underneath the eye so you can wipe up any spills. You could likewise consider putting translucent powder down, and afterward brushing everything ceaselessly, with the overabundance sparkle, when you’re altogether done.

Some Makeup Hacks That You Should Know

The Brown Smokey Eye With Some Glitter Eyeliner

Brown Smokey Eye With Some Glitter Eyeliner Makeup Looks
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If you prefer not to go for a customary dark black smokey eye, what about a brown one? With the correct shades mixed together, the look is similarly as popping, however, it’s a lot simpler to wear than the unforgiving dark and dull dim tones that you’d ordinarily find (Some Of The Best Highlighters Available). You can use the brown colored tints from your highlighter and contour palette if you don’t have the correct apparatuses to achieve thee deadly look. We’ve figured out how to reproduce an entire brown colored smokey eye look just with that one form palette alone and a major feathery mixing brush.

The Perfect MakeUp Guide

Popping Gold Eyes With Dark Bold Lips 

Popping Gold Eyes With Dark Bold Lips Makeup Looks
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It’s difficult to work wearing big and bold eye makeup and big bold lips at the same time, it is a very difficult task and a daring one too! However, this gold and the bold red combo will make you look just too sexy this red season. The eyes, although pressed with sparkle and shimmer, are very muted, leaving the huge red lips (Some Lipsticks That Works Wonder On Indian Skin Tones)to carry out the responsibility they were planned to do. That small trace of white/pale sparkle within the corner of your eyes truly helps to open them up to, and it works with the gold eyelid shade!

Why Not Some Nude Lips With Festive Gold Eyes

Nude Lips With Festive Gold Eyes Makeup Looks
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To get the right nude lips, you should initially begin by ensuring you have well-prepared lips. Use a lip exfoliator first, and you could even use a natively constructed sugar scrub with a delicate toothbrush to brush those dead skin cells away first. At that point apply your lip balm, and give it a lot of time to absorb while you wrap up of your makeup regime, and afterward toward the end, use a lip liner first to “overline” them somewhat – this is the thing that gives them that more full appearance (Wanna Have The Best Lips This Winter Season?). When you’ve included your naked lip shade, and afterward the gleam (if you want it) over the top, dab a dash of highlighter to the center of your base lip to make it light-reflecting and seem greater.

Some Lipstick Hacks That You Should Know

We think you are ready to rock and roll and look the sexiest this holiday, red season and wish:
Dear Santa, leave some makeup under the Christmas tree and no one gets hurt!!

Now That We Are Done With Our Beautiful Eyes, Lets Move On To Our Highlighting Skills and Lipstick Knowledge

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