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5 Must-Notes While Choosing The Right Wallet For Your Boyfriend!

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A lot of people nowadays underestimate the power of the wallet. A real man needs a good wallet that will not only hold his cash and cards but serve as a fashion statement. For this reason, it is imperative that you invest your time, effort and money in getting the best wallet for you.

Men’s accessories are a reflection of their personality and of all accessories, non-rivals the wallet. The quality of a man’s wallet shows off his personality (and we all want our man to have the best personality), and just as dogs are a man’s best friend, a wallet is a man’s constant friend. 

With the many designs, makes and styles are available in the market today, choosing the right wallet can be somehow confusing. Choosing a quality wallet plays a major role in defining a man’s attitude. So when choosing a wallet you must pick one that matches his style. To help you pick the right men’s wallet to buy here are five important tips:

  • Size Matters
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Men’s wallets also come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are quite small and some are large. And there is a very good reason for this. Not all men are the same, neither are their likes and dislikes. This makes the production of a wide range of sizes the right decision for manufacturers in order to attend to the needs of different men across the world. 

A lot of men make the mistake of buying a larger wallet just because they think they have many things to carry in it. The truth is a fat wallet makes you look ugly. In addition, an oversized wallet will not fit into the pockets of your trousers or may bulge in them making you look shabby and unfashionable. Buy a fashionable wallet for your man

The best way to find the right size of a men’s wallet to buy is to start by establishing his needs. Make an inventory of all the items you will want to carry in your wallet. A guide for buying the best wallet. This will help remain with the items that really matter and thus be able to find the right purse that can accommodate the items. Once you know your pocket size you can now go ahead purchase the size that will fit your needs and fashion perfectly well.

  • Invest in a high-quality wallet

Most people want to go cheap when they want to buy a wallet, but remember that the wallet is one of those daily essentials that you don’t buy every day. It stays with you all year round, hence you should look at it as an investment. Choosing a premium high-quality wallet, not a cheap knock off will greatly enhance your look.

High-quality wallets are made of the best materials like full-grain leather and much more. The thing to remember is that you will always come across wallets that claim to be genuine leather. Please don’t take them literally as most of these wallets are faux leather.

  • Keep in mind the wallet compartments needed

Chances are, his current wallet has all types of stuff stored in places that the wallet compartments are not even intended for. So, once you have asked your boyfriend to clear out his wallets of the nonsense, you’ll be able to determine which compartments are actual necessities. Why not buy a nice good wallet?

For example, if he has cash on the regular, he will likely want a sleeve for bills and possibly even a coin pocket for the change. If he is someone who receives a lot of business cards and needs a safe and secure spot to store them; having a wallet with extra slots will likely come to a benefit. 

Some important compartments that wallets must have are: 

  • ID Pocket for quick and convenient access to your license
  • Coin pocket for change
  • Bifold for extra items
  • Slip pockets
  • Bill pocket
  • Card slots
  • Pick the right design
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How does a wallet look? Is it fancy with some exotic design or is it a simple plain design? Wallet design says a lot about the person. In addition, I am sure you do not want someone to have a false judgment of your boyfriend. For this reason, you would want to go for a design that truly tells who your boyfriend actually is. 

You need to get a wallet that personifies the inner him. The design here covers aspects such as the shape of the wallet, the artwork on the wallet and the color shades used on the wallet. This means you have to be very careful to find the best men’s wallet. If you have more than one wallet you may decide to experiment with a number of different wallet designs. This is perfect, as you will choose a different wallet for different occasions.

  • Keep in mind his wardrobe collection
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Lastly, you may want to think about his wardrobe. If he prefers to wear slim-fitted pants, he would likely prefer a slim carbon fiber wallet or slim carbon fiber cardholder as opposed to a trifold option.

He can be someone who prefers to put his purse in a specific pocket, such as his back-pant pocket. This is also something to consider, as he can’t always see or feel someone behind him, especially if he is in a large crowd. 

While his wardrobe shouldn’t be a huge factor in the purse you choose, it is certainly something you consider depending on your lifestyle, career, and preference.

A wallet can make or break a man. Many factors determine which men’s wallet is the best option for you, and this list will steer you in the right direction. There are a lot of other things you may want to consider when selecting the right men’s wallet to buy such as the price, the brand and even the country of origin.

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