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5 Sustainable Fashion Techniques That Everyone Should Adopt!

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How much longer do you think Earth’s natural resources will last? How can we meet our need of today without compromising our needs of tomorrow? Have these questions ever crossed your minds? If not, then it’s time to give it a thought !

We are always hearing all these things but, you are always stuck in a frenzy. The question is, where can I begin and what is it that I can do to get into a more sustainable routine?

Now wondering how is it related to the title?? But it actually is!
Let’s talk about Sustainable Fashion to make it clear.

For all of those who have never heard this term before, sustainable fashion is not only about producing garments, shoes, and accessories that are environmentally and socio-economically friendly but also about your sustainable consumption and usage. Sustainability is just not limited to natural resources and its use. From water consumption to fashion, sustainability exists in our daily routine. This just requires a shift in the mind set and buying behavior of customers at an individual and grass root level.

Shocked to know that fashion and environment are connect so strongly??

Here are few things everyone should be doing to contribute at least their minimum bit to make a change in the future.

1. How can one be socially sustainable? One can do that by Donating!

Have a lot of clothes that are in a pretty good condition, but you just don’t feel like wearing them? Extend the life of your clothes by donating them to NGO’s, or to causes like the Clothes bank, Clothes Box foundation (Click on the below image to visit the Clothes Box Foundation’s website) and For You.

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Even if your clothes have small defects, they will get it fixed and make sure it reaches someone in need. By doing so you are making someone happy and contributing to the society. If you have clothes that have passed the donation stage, then recycle them, that ways you would be able to contribute to the environment. One cantry using them as dusting cloths. Organizations like Recycle Guru and Goonj even offer home collection services. You don’t even have to step out of your house to do the good.

2. Less is more!

Try investing more on clothes that  Try investing less on clothes and more on things you actually need. If you have soft corner for clothes, try investing in clothes that you actually need.

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Begin by investing in wardrobe staples like solid shirts, t-shirts, scarfs and even basic sarees or kurtas from sustainable brands. This will suit all your purposes; will make you look stylish yet sustainable. Clothes made sustainably are not only extremely high quality but will also last much longer with you. So you can cherish and flaunt them for long in a fashionable manner.

3. Resort To Natural Fabrics! 

If you invest in cloths, try investing your hard earned money on natural fabrics as they are great to keep you feel cool during the warmer months. Consciously buy natural fabrics like cotton, linen, jute and tensile over the artificial ones.

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They don’t just look extremely luxurious but also are great for the environment.

4. Use Sustainable Brands!

Get inspired from some home grown fashion brands. If you are only following fast fashion brand handles, for example, h&m, Zara, forever 21 on social media you will never know the style potential of any other sustainable fashion brands.


Try to follow sustainable fashion brands like Asvaga (Click on above image to visit its Facebook’s page), Raw Mango and bloggers like Kruna Parikh, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the styling and the variety of outfits they offer. Social media has brought a gigantic wave! So, “don’t just use it to impress people, use it to impact people”, as said by Dave Willis.

5. How to know if it’s sustainable?

Now wondering how would you know if the cloth or the product is sustainable or not? It’s super easy! If a garment is made and sold domestically, it’s probably more sustainable than something that is made up cross the corners. Also, always look at the label for the fabric used in the garment.  You’ll get to know it instantly. Also, shopping from a brand that you know serves the purpose of ethical fashion (Google to know if your brand is sustainable or not) is always the best idea.

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One major myth at light to address is that cloths made suitable are not fashionable. It’s a common misconception that sustainable cloths are not stylish. This myth is completely false! They can be super trendy and stylish. Young brands like zara and h&m have also come up with their own sustainable fashion lines which are high on trend without being too high on price.

Sustainable or slow fashion isn’t just a passing trend. It’s turning into a movement that slowly but surely has taken over the world. As cliché as it sounds, be the change you want to see in the world!

So, are you ready for a more sustainable fashionable tomorrow?? Comment below and let us know. Also, if you are using a sustainable brand already, share the article and spread the word.


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