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5 Routine Checks to Stay Fresh In This Scorching Summer

Tips to stay cool in summers
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In an era of Coronavirus, staying fit and healthy has become a new normal and it becomes quite a tough task in summers. 

Summers are all about lazy mornings, sticky afternoons and humid evenings. This weather makes you desperate for a shower every hour. Greasy hair and oily skin make it even worse. Keeping cool and staying hydrated are a few tips that you should keep in your mind. 

With the summer season reaching to the highest levels, smelling good and staying fresh can be really hard. Humidity can affect your ability to be productive and has the tendency to make you a lazy-being. Luckily, CuriousKeeda has found 5 easy and quick ways to stay fresh and clean. 

Here are 5 quick ways that will help you stay fresh and clean during the summers. 

1. Daily Skin-Check

summer water face
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A) Frequent face-washing

Washing your face frequently in summers can yield you really fresh results. Hence, make sure that you wash your face after every 2-3 hours.Carrying a face-wash in your bag at all times can turn out to be a great thing. 

B) Moisturizing Skin

Washing is not enough! Moisturizing becomes a mandate in summers. So, get some moisturizer and a sun tan lotion too. It will protect your skin from tanning. 

C) Water Intake

Water is very important for your skin. Make some water-intake schedule and start applying those in your own real-life. Consuming at least 2 bottles of water everyday will batterize your skin and you will be able to see some outstanding results in the first 3 months. 

 2) Hair-Check

hair check
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A)Braids. Braids. Braids

The best thing to protect your hair from dust and all dirrty particles is to braid them. An open hairstyle can really be a big problem. If you have fringes’ cut or step cut then you can pin up them. 

B) Keep your hair out of your face

The more your hair touches your face, the more it becomes difficult to manage. The best way to deal with this is to use a hairband. They come in several colors, metallica shades and even toothed varieties. The toothed headbands cut your scalp and you might have splitting ache on both the head-sides. 

3) Smell-Check

smell check
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A) Carry a Deo Bottle

Carrying a deo bottle in your bag at all times will prevent you from sweating and you will smell amazing every time. 

B) Pulse Points’ Fragrance

Like we said earlier, keep a small bottle of perfume! Apply them on your pulse points which are behind your wrists, and your ears. The fragrance will stay for a long time. 

C) Carry a stole

You can cover your sweat patches with a stole or handkerchief. 

It’s not just your body that smells good or bad, it’s your teeth also. 

4) Mouth Freshness’-Check

Mouth freshness check
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A) Minty Toothpaste

Nasty breath and bad teeth are a major turn off. If you want to have good breath during summers, then use minty toothpaste for brushing your teeth. It will be a good choice to make, undoubtedly. 

B) Mouth Freshner

Keeping a mouth freshener will also help you and turn your bad breath to a good one. Mouth  freshner are easy to keep and they take very less space in bags. 

5) Important Nutrients’-Check

summer fruits
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Lastly, make sure that you eat healthy. 

A) Stock up on fresh foods

In summers, you should stock up on fresh fruits that are filled with vitamins, food, and important nutrients. Healthy food is always better than pouncing on pure junk food. This leaves you satisfied and makes you fit. 

B) Light Meals

Light meals really help you get in good shape during the summer. By snacking on light meals, you will be able to have notable amounts of nutrients in your body. 

By following all above steps and taking care of your hygiene effectively, you will definitely have a great summer in the times of Coronavirus.

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