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5 Reasons to Dress Up Even In Lockdown

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The nationwide lockdown has made all of you lazy. Not lazy towards work, but lazy towards being dressed up every day. You all want those getting-ready morning sessions badly. But, what if you do it even during the lockdown? 

You are not meeting your loved ones. You are not going to a fancy cafe with your friends to chill. Then what could be the reason for dressing up? CuriousKeeda presents you 5 amazing positive reasons to dress up even in the lockdown.

1. Fresh Mind

Fresh Mind - Lockdown
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Yes, you don’t have to go out. But this is also a time when you can be more productive. You are doing assignments, having regular meetings with your team members. All is true. But, all those nasty and crowded travel is saving your time as well. So, now you have time in abundance. You have to be fresh if you want to think fresh. And dressing up properly injects abundant confidence. Once you dress up properly, you would feel less inclined to lie on your comfortable couch and end up your day by doing nothing. Bright clothes restore your positivity & rejuvenate your mood and by doing this, you will perform better undoubtedly. 

2. Experiment Time

Expirement Time - Lockdown
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We are all scared of some type of clothes. And we are always confused about wearing them and donning a new look. But, in the times of the lockdown, you can experiment with all your fashion blunders and the best part is that nobody is going to check on you. 

Hence, by the end of this nationwide lockdown, your shopping cart will have all those things that actually suit you. So, try out those clothes that you have not worn for ages. Mix and match like a fashion blogger and pretend to be one (All girls are fashion bloggers inside their hearts).

3. Video Call Ready

You get an uninvited team call and this sweats you out as you are comfortably lying on your bed. Your hair is a mess and you are in pajamas. Horror Story! Right? 

Video call - Lockdown
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In the time of Work From Home and Studies From Home, you will be ready for any professional or personal video call, if you dress up properly. If anybody takes a random disgusting screenshot, you will be looking pretty in that as well (You are now many steps ahead to ace up your impression management game).

4. Tension Free State of Mind

Tension free - Lockdown
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Dressing up calms you down and makes you more confident. Putting that line of eye-liner and wearing your own favorite color lipstick, add magic to your face. And when you know that your looks are on top today, you become more active. And, you give 100% to your work and stay attentive to all little tasks throughout your working hours. Being unproductive makes you less worried and when you are active, your productivity is unstoppable. 

5. Photoshoots or Selfie Sessions

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Doing those impromptu photoshoots on the terrace/home with your siblings will add a spark to your life during the lockdown. And if you happen to be a single child, then you can do those selfie sessions and click some great stuff for your social media handles. 

We are witnessing a major historical event. And you will be able to share more inspiring stories about this phase to your kids only if you do nice things. So, don’t be a sloth and create your own ‘Lockdown Diva’ stories. 

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