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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Picking The Right Lip Balm For Your Lips!!

Applying Lip Balm
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Want to freshen up and protect your pout for the colder weather, but don’t know where to start? Buying a lip balm might seem like an easy thing for most of the people but those who adore their lip balms, know that how much thoughts go into buying that little pack of lip nourishment. To figure out how to pick the right lip balm for the chilly months ahead, I’ve pulled together all the essential questions you should ask yourself.

Some of these questions are way less serious than others, but they are sure to help lead you to lip balm bliss!

One important thing that everyone should keep in mind while buying a balm is to check the ingredient list. The key thing to remember about lip balms is that, unlike other skincare products, you are almost immediately ingesting the ingredients — so my advice would be to only use a product you’d be happy to eat! Avoid petrochemicals such as the super-common petrolatum, which has been linked to various health concerns and can sensitize the skin.

Have Chapped Lips? Cure Them!!

Despite the promises of miracle lip repair, many lip balms can actually damage thin lip skin and make dry lips even drier. 

The skin on your lips is extra sensitive and they put up with a lot of wear and tear through eating, drinking, breathing, talking, kissing, etc.

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While it’s normal for lips to get chapped, lips require special attention to prevent cracks and inflammation that can lead to infections and painful sores.

One should always try and buy a moisturizing lip balm (How Is Lip Balm Different from Lip Gloss??), that will penetrate deep into the skin healing the within of the skin—not simply the upper layer of the skin surface. The lip balm one buys should be made using all the natural ingredients known for having soothing, healing and moisturizing properties and not just lay useless on the lip.

So, the next time you are looking for a lip balm, we have some ingredients you should look for—and a few to avoid.

Ingredients To Look For

  • Beeswax creates a natural barrier that helps retain moisture
  • Natural oils and butters soften, moisturize and protect lips

Ingredients To Avoid

  • Artificial color and added fragrances may cause lips to irritate 
  • Alcohol may cause dryness
  • Camphor may cause dryness and irritation
  • Petrolatum (petroleum jelly) is petroleum-based and comes from crude oil. It actually suffocates the skin by preventing oxygen absorption
  • Parabens and other synthetic preservatives have been shown to cause hormone disruption in animals

Other than this there are top 5 things that one should always keep in mind while buying a lip balm. 

  • Does The Balm Have SPF? 
Lip Balm With Spf

It is always advisable to apply sunscreen whenever you go outside, one should always make sure that their balm also have some SPF. It will prevent the discoloration of lips.

We’ve listed some tips that will help you decide which lipstick you should go for

  • Do You Prefer Shimmer Or Matte?

You should be clear if you need a lip balm that is shouting, “Hey, check me out I’m glam!” or something that says, “I’m simple and fabulous?” 

  • Into Tinted Or Clear?

Do you want a lip balm that also works as a lipstick? Or you are someone who wants a lip balm that looks like you haven’t applied anything? You should be clear with all these questions in your head. 

  • Intense hydration and protection

When winter hits, keep your water bottle handy, and protect your lips with a cosy scarf and a balm that means business. Look for a lip balm that provides an intense level of care and protection for lips that are prone to excessive drying. 

Quick Tip: Apply your hydrating lip balm at night, the time you are about to go to sleep so that you wake up with soft, supple lips.
Get some more skincare tips

  • Pick something with advantages
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The general purpose of lip balm is to make your lips look and feel good, so recall — it’s alright to be critical!  A balm with beneficiary oils, for example, tea tree oil or almond oil, will relieve and saturate your lips and won’t leave much of that oily feeling. Also ensure it contains a SPF of no less than 15 and is free of parabens.

Here is your complete lip balm guide!

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