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5 Makeup Transitions To Make In Winters: It’s Time To Change Things

Winter Makeup Tips
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When the temperature drops, winters arrive and festive mode goes up, our closet is not the only thing that sees and needs some changes. It is just not your winter wardrobe that needs to be changed according to the colder weather; your makeup and skincare routine needs a refresher, too. All thanks to the cold, dry weather of the season, we find that our makeup routines are also in need of some slight alterations and substitutions. And with the festive season like Karva Chauth and Diwali round the corner, it is a must-have to master you make up look. With the change in weather, we all start taking off our neon nail paints of the summer for the deep reds of fall, it’s also time to update the products you’re using on your face too

When it comes to these makeup changes, you do not need to be a professional makeup artist, neither do you need to spend big bucks on new makeup products, you just have to follow some general rules, tips, and techniques that can help you seamlessly transition from sunshine to snow and back again. 

Another problem we all face with cold weather is dry skin, and no one wants to look dry and chalky on Karva Chauth. So reach for products that will maintain a soft dewy glow. The minimal you can do is to switch from powder to cream blush to achieve that soft, youthful look. 

This transition in your skincare and makeup habits for winter and the festive season around this weather is really important if you don’t want to look like a crusty, old bird! 

There are very simple…yes, simple…switches that will ensure your skin looks glowing during all the festivities and your makeup is seasonally appropriate to your environment.  

So bundle up, grab a warm drink, and read our tips on how to cosmetically combat the cold like a seasoned pro.


Wear Maroons and Burgundies

maroon lips
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One of the most amazing ways to get a standout winter look is to play up your lip color. During winters, turn to plum or burgundy shades of lipsticks, glosses, and stains. The look is somewhat vampy but absolutely stunning on pale skin. With winters also come festivals like Karva Chauth and one needs to master the Karva Chauth makeup look, and what better but red to play around with! The shades of red looks sophisticated in a twisted kind of way. When applied, with such a bold lip, there’s no need to also make a statement with your eyes, as you don’t want to overpower the look. Keep your eye shadow minimal, but feel free to use simple black mascara and eyeliner ( See some styles that you can apply this festive season) . All your festival hassles sorted with a red!


Pick a moisturizing foundation

dewy skin
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With winters and festivities comes the want of that moisturized, dewy skin. As the temperature drops, your skin might start to feel drier and chapped. All thanks for the lack of moisture in the air which makes the loved matte foundation turn your skin cakey. With winter comes the need for moisturized and dewy skin and these two make up the ultimate objective during colder months. To help you in your noble quest, switch out your powder or mineral foundation for a more hydrating option. Hydrating foundations can help you achieve that glowing yet moisturized face look making you look healthy and nourished.


Change your skincare routine 

winters makeup tips
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Just the way you cannot see the same web series all year long, you also cannot use the same products for your skin all year long. Your skin has different needs for each season. Guess what? There’s no one recipe for every person. You need to “listen” to what your skin is saying and adjust accordingly. The basic you can do is to add in more moisture via a richer face oil or cream to as you feel you need it both morning and night. Use a hydrosol in conjunction with your face oil and/or moisturizer for maximum absorption. No one wants a dull-looking skin during festive seasons. So add up some essential oils and hydrating foundations to your Karva Chauth makeup look to shine at your fullest


Blush it up pink 

winters makeup tips
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One benefit of braving the cold in winter is returning home with flushed, rosy cheeks. You can recreate this flattering look by generously swirling on a pink blush. No one wants to look dull and pale in winters and festive season right. Add rosiness to your skin this Karva Chauth. It adds that warmth and punch to the skin that we miss when it’s cold out.


Use pigmented cream eyeshadows

winters makeup tips
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Keeping up the pace with our recommendation of swapping powders for cream, we suggest you give cream eyeshadows a whirl. If you’re normally scared they’ll crease or smudge on your lid, the dry months of winter are the perfect time to give it a go as the decrease in moisture will keep your shadow in place. Try one of your favorite hues close to the lash line and build slowly for a subtle look. Creamy shadows will also enhance your festive look, especially the Karva Chauth makeup look.

It’s just makeup. It’s not permanent, and life is short. So have fun and try something new! This festive season, get the most desired look. 

Happy winters! 

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