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5 Common Mistakes We Bet You Would Not Have Realised While Using The Face Wash

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Most of us might have gotten hold of using a face wash as we were kids. It has become a major part of the skincare regimen since time immemorial. Face wash helps cleanse our skin and open up our pores thus allowing the effective working of other skincare products. Irrespective of our skin type and texture, all of us face one or the other type of skin problems. The most common being clogging up of pores, high oil content or itchy and dry skin. To deal with this, it is ideally suggested to use a face wash that matches your skin type and forms the base for other products. Get yourself a cleaning facewash that best suits your skin!

Irrespective of the duration of using a particular, there seems to exist one or the other thing we have been doing wrong all our lives. It is now time to ponder upon the common mistakes out of us make while washing our face. Let us learn from our mistakes and try avoiding them from the next time we use a face wash. 

Wrong Face Wash Altogether

Most of us might be committing this mistake. We don’t really pay heed to our skin type while buying a face wash for ourselves. Despite there being a wide range of products which are effective for specific skin types, we do not really pay enough attention to getting ourselves the right one. The oily skin ideally requires a face wash which helps reduce the oil content and not completely strip off the oils from the skin. The extra oil present in the skin needs to be removed using a face wash for such oily skin. Dry skin, on the other hand, requires a moisture-rich face wash. While combination skin, which is the most common, requires a face wash which balances out both types of skin. Is your better half applying eyeliner properly or are they making some mistake?

Clean And Clear Hands

Clean And Clear Hands for facewash
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It is important to wash your hands clean before you apply the face wash. The whole point of washing your face is to steer clear off the dirt and dust. If your hands are dirty while applying the face wash, then the whole point of washing your face gets ruined. One should, therefore, wash their hands thoroughly before they apply the face wash. Things to look in a facewash before purchasing it.

Rinsing It Off

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Most of us wash off the facewash even before there is enough time to actually cleanse through the skin. One should therefore thoroughly massage the facewash on damp skin. Gently apply the facewash and massage in circular motions for a couple of minutes. Wait for around a period of one minute to one and a half minutes to allow the medicated product to work before you wash it off. It is ideally suggested to wash off the product using lukewarm water. This would help open up the pores while leaving the skin afresh.

Washing The T Zone

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The t zone refers to the region between the forehead and the nose. One needs to apply the facewash from the region where the nose meets the cheeks. The facewash usually gets accumulated between the nose and cheeks and leaving the other areas extremely dry. One should therefore appropriately massage all over the face. Get yourself a face wash that helps you thoroughly cleanse all the regions of your face. Wash the facewash efficiently to prevent the clogging of the face wash in certain regions.

The Neck Region

Washing the neck region
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Most of us usually ignore the neck region while applying the facewash. One should, therefore, massage the facewash over the neck as well. Start massaging along the midline of the face all the way down to include the neck. This not just cleanses the neck region but also stimulates the skin’s inner cleaning system. 

One should also remember not to over-exfoliate the skin. This might result in unprecedented infections and scars. Use a gentle scrub to cleanse the face to avoid damaging the skin. Usually, we use the same product throughout the year. One should also remember to avoid using the same product and switch to alternate facewash as seasons change. The skincare regimen should reflect the fluctuating temperatures. Get yourself a facewash according to your skin. 

Use the facewash just as you wake up to kick start your day on a high note. Do tell us which amongst these you were not aware of in the comments below.

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