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5 Amazing Foundation Hacks For Your Dry And Flaky Winter Face

Foundation Hacks
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The “Winter Face.” 
It is something that becomes our face for six months out of the year— the dryness, inexplicable oily patches, dullness, blotchiness, and flaking takes the toll and that is the result of all the slaps we all get in face with freezing winds which have moisture sucked out from your skin by dry, stale, heated air inside. Winter is the time that strips our skin of its natural oils and leaves it shine-free. 

Why should one apply moisturizers??

The freezing temps across the country, its time that your makeup routine needs to roll with the punches. 

During the winter period, when you apply foundation in an effort to hide all that horribleness, it can often accentuate those dry patches and end up looking weirdly cakey. 

Get The Best Moisturizer and Lip Balm

Choosing the right foundation for the wintertime is key, since this is the literal “foundation” that you build the rest of your look on top of — and finding your perfect base begins by getting to know your skin and figuring out what it needs. 

Transitions To Make In Your Make-Up Pouch

In order to choose the correct foundation, you should know, how the winter changes your skin. Some females have the tendency to get drier and bit paler than others. When this is the case, the choices of foundation will vary from shades to shades. 

When choosing the correct foundation for your face during the deadly winter months, there are four main areas to focus on — shade, hydration, texture, and application — to ensure you’re wearing winter foundation the right way.

Combat Dry and Flaky Winter Skin With These 7 Mind-Blowing Hacks!

For those of us whose idea of a winter glow doesn’t involve jetting off to a tropical resort, we have the happy task of adjusting our skincare and makeup instead to accommodate for the dry, cold, sharp air and punishing, even more drying indoor heating. Dry, flaky, and irritated skin may seem to be the ritual of every winter, still, the weather tries to look cute, isn’t it? 

Some Essential Winter Skin Care Tips That Will Bring Back The Glow Of Your Skin!

Lucky for us, there’s makeup. It’s just going to take some tweaking to prevent it from betraying us by drawing attention to just how winter-ravaged our skin is. Dare we dew? We do. 

We’ve enlisted some tips and tricks that you can apply while buying your foundation and appear like an ethereal
glowing angel in the depths of winter. 

  • Use a toner before the foundation.
applying toner
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To have a foundation face that looks flawless, it is advisable to tone and remove any flakes that are present on your skin with a cotton pad soaked in a good cleansing powder. 

  • Do not miss the moisturizing part
Moisturizer foundation
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It is actually a skin-care tip, but one should always add this step in their make-up routine also as it is the best way to get that glowy, dewy, and shinning complexion before you even think about popping your face with a highlighter. (just in case you want to add a little highlighter, here are our suggestions) Try spending some extra time in nicely massaging the moisturizer to boost the skin’s natural glow. Be generous with the amount of moisturizer, and don’t forget your neck. In need of a good moisturizer? We’ve already vetted these Best of Beauty winners, or you can try any one of these favorites.

  • Use your primer religiously
foundation primer
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By applying a hydrating primer before placing your winter foundation will make your foundation look much better during these cold times. Give your skin a drink with Too Faced Hangover Face Primer.

  • Keep yourself away from anything too powdery
powdery foundation
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Winter anyway brings a lot of dryness and cakeyness, and if you use a powder formula in your foundation or any other product, it can make fair skin look duller. Instead of using anything powdery, use a moisturizing CC cream that’s one shade warmer than your skin tone. You can also mix some moisturizer in your powder foundation to achieve that glow. (Here is our list of the best moisturizer that one can use this winter.) 

  • Use a dampened beauty blender to apply foundation.
blender before foundation
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Whenever applying some foundation, always keep in mind you use a damp beauty blender never rub it, as rubbing the foundation with the beauty blender will increase flakiness and irritate skin that is sensitive and dry during the winter months. Keep in mind to press the foundation into your skin and not rub it.

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