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4 Ways To Perfectly Style The Bandanas For Men

Styling the bandana
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Bandana has undeniably become a major accessory for all of us. There seems to be an undeniably strong vibe of attraction it seems to pull over all of us indifferently. The versatile bandana with its rustic yet novel look seems to elevate every boring look possible. It is the easiest way to add a stylish edge to any look. They can be styled in a million different ways to suit each one of your needs timelessly. DIY Bandana to elevate your daily look.

Men’s’ styling has consistently improved over time. Be it with formal clothes or the beach look, they always seem to be keeping it trendy. The most visible style they seem to be sporting off late is the one with bandanas.

Be it to cover themselves from the dirt and dust or to sprinkle a funky look, the bandanas somehow seem to be their very obvious go-to. So here are a few ways to style the bandana for men.

The Necktie

bandana as a necktie
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This seems to be the most common style. It is not too edgy yet adds an informal look to every outfit. If pulled off well, it can work magic for both casual and smartly casual events. One could also pull it off like a scarf around their neck. To sport this look, one has to start folding the bandana into a quadrilateral. Start by folding the bandana from one diagonal corner to the other. Place it around the neck and tie it in the front end. Leave some excess hanging down. There you will be ready to pull off the necktie timelessly. Try matching the color of your bandana with your outfit for a better look. You could also use patterns for a better look. Do remember to wear a plain shirt if your bandana has patterns over it. Drape your bandana.

The Headband

bandana as a headband
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The headband style undeniably seems to be the most pulled off style. This rock and roll look is perfect for making a style statement. To pull off this style one needs to begin by folding the bandana from one diagonal end to the other. Then place the bandana over your forehead and tie it over. Tuck in the loose corners and there you will be, ready with your all-new rockstar look. Try playing around with the color and the patterns while aligning it with your outfit without making it look too jazzy. Get yourself a bandana and try out this timeless style.

The Wristband

bandana as a wristband
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This style can literally be pulled off with any possible outfit. This look timelessly adds a subtle dose of attitude and elevates your outfit with ease. Try choosing a darker color with a bold print. For this style, wrap the bandana in a way that looks messy and edgy. Tie it up and tucking in or leave the loose ends. You do not have to look extremely perfect while pulling off this style. A little bit of mess accompanied with a not so neat look would help to upgrade your ever-stylish look.

The Pocket Square

bandana as a pocket sqauer
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The pocket style is one that looks fabulous. It can help cool down an all formal outfit. Choose a pattern that gently aligns with the color of your formals to ease the serious vibe. This look is perfect for smart occasions. A quick touch of quirkiness to the elegance would definitely not go wrong. This look definitely stands out without much effort. You have to keep a few things in mind while pulling off this outfit though: try and ensure that the pocket is not too fluffy and thick. It is also important to efficiently fold the bandana before placing it through. Make sure that the bandana pops out enough and the pocket square is visible. Try out this style while gifting yourself a bandana this season!

This list has no end though. One could go on and on regarding the different styles and the different styles would not be exhausted yet. One could also try tying it around their knee for a street style outfit. Try matching the bandana with your outfit to ensure that it is not a fashion mismatch in all senses. Bandanas are those must need accessories every guy needs to possess.

It might not be all that tough to style them but to wear them out and strike a fashion statement needs some courage. You could timelessly level up your bandana game or ruin it all with one go. Do tell us which one of these styles you liked the most in the comments below.

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