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Shaving Mistakes Men Tend To Make

Shaving Mistakes
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Men always seem to love their beards. They spend a great amount of their lives grooming it. It starts during adolescence when they begin to wait for one and then goes on until they groom it the right way every other day. The beard seems to be their prized possession. They somehow don’t seem to get their hands off it. They use a wide range of products just to ensure that it looks perfect. 

This beard craze is the major reason for the ‘No shave November’ movement. Despite being driven by a great cause, many of them seem to have pursued it just to pull off a better look. Men usually invest a great deal of their time trying to shave their faces. Despite getting hold of the razor at a young age, there seems to be quite some uncertainty regarding the whole concept of shaving. Get yourself a shaving cream that would suit your skin the best to elevate your shaving procedure by at least one level. More often than not, they mess up quite a lot of times. The only way to put an end to this is by learning and unlearning a lot of things. Here we bring to you a few things you need to reconsider while shaving just so that you get the perfect finish. 

Splashing Cold Water

Splashing cold water
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If you have been doing this all throughout then you need to change it right away. Using cold water causes more problems than it solves. Coldwater shrinks the pores to a minuscule size, making it hard for shaving creams to penetrate through. It also makes it tougher for the razor to pull out the hair. Shrinking of the pores occurs due to the usage of cold water which results in double penetration. It is, therefore, suggested to soften the beard before putting it to use. The easiest way to do it is by using warm water while cleaning the beard. One could also use alternatives like steam or a warm towel in order to open up the pores. It is believed that greater exposure to heat causes softening of the hair to a greater extent and also helps in opening up the pose. This helps one achieve a clean and smooth shave.  Grow your beard quickly.

Shaving Cream Or Foam

Shaving cream and foam
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Men usually choose that cream which costs them less. Little do they know that this wouldn’t restrict them from getting cuts and skin redness. Although men’s skin is known for being extremely coarse, it doesn’t give them immunity from getting cuts and the occurrence of a razor burn. Shaving cream usually helps to exfoliate the skin. This results in the exposure of new skin that needs to be moisturized and protected which can be achieved by using the shaving cream. One, therefore, needs a shaving cream in order to serve the dual purposes of exfoliation and moisturization. Get yourself a shaving cream that serves both the purposes right away to avoid skin redness and razor burns. Some funny thoughts that come into one’s mind while shaving their beard.


Shaving blade
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It is ideally suggested to change the blades after a use. After a single use, blades usually accumulate the dirt from the facial hair. Alongside the blades when exposed to water and similar conditions usually end up getting rusted. The only way to avoid this is by using a new blade every time one uses it. Not replacing the blades can also damage your skin.  The blunt edges of the blade drag the skin thus causing friction and increasing the possibility of getting cut. The easiest way to avoid this is by using new blades and a better cream which will provide immunity from getting cuts.

Shaving Against The Grain

Shaving Grain
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This seems to be the most common mistake men seem to be making. They usually shave against the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the direction of hair growth causes a razor burn, irritation or ingrown hair. It is therefore suggested that men shave in the direction of their hair growth. This will reduce the feeling of prickliness. The way to recognize the grain is by gently going along one direction over the beard. Their ideally exists one direction wherein men can feel the prickliness and sharpness of the hair when they brush through it. One needs to thus shave in that direction which does not feel sharp when it is brushed through. Grow your beard quickly.

One also needs to keep in mind to use an aftershave cream. The aftershave cream will help in avoiding infections and keeps the skin fresh. Despite the shaving cream providing protection if you shave it inappropriately, cuts are sure to occur. The only way to deal with them is by using an aftershave cream.

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