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15 Most Important Things Every Bride Must Keep In Mind While Buying Her Wedding Outfit!

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The most memorable part of an Indian wedding is seeing the elegance and beauty of the Bride on her utterly special day. With all the glamor and glitz going on around her, the Bride keeps up to be the central point of the big day. The Bridal Saree or Lengha is ornamented with weaving, embroidery and mind-boggling designs, making for an eye-catching and dazzling piece of work.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting parts of the whole wedding predation process for any lady of the hour is to find the ideal dress for herself. However, the way toward choosing the ideal outfit isn’t generally as fun and simple as it may seem to be. If you are not cautious, you run the risk of making expensive errors. On the other hand, by keeping in mind certain things, you can limit your odds of goofs.

Along these lines, to save all our soon to be brides from making any errors, here are a few things that they should keep in mind while looking for their wedding outfit.

#1. Do not shop with too many people

Shopping with a lot of people
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It is the most important outfit you will ever wear, and you unquestionably would need to guarantee that it is THE ONE. But, having several opinions while shopping can take you away from what you are searching for. So, it is ideal to take your mom alongside your dearest friend or sister for true opinions and calm shopping experience. While your shopping keep a checklist containing all the bridal accessories that you will need on the big day.

#2. Do not shop too early

shopping too early
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Clothing trends continue to change rapidly in the era of ‘fast fashion’. And by buying your outfit too soon, you stand a danger of that dress getting obsolete when your big day shows up. We understand that you want to have everything in place, but let shop when it is time. Just keep in mind that your outfit would take a month or two to get sewed, completed and handed over to you. So, plan in a manner to keep yourself away from wearing an obsolete and outdated design on your wedding day. 

#3. Do your homework well

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Before you go out in the market to look for your wedding outfit, make sure you check some of the most recent patterns on the web. What’s more, not simply styles and colors, additionally check at their costs at various shops and make a list. This list will help you with checking if you are getting a decent deal or not when you will really go out to purchase your wedding outfit. We have curated a list of all the important bridal accessories.

#4. Do keep your fiancé in mind

bride wedding outfit shopping with fiance
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Agreed, he might not have a fair idea of the bridal fashion. But, you can ask him a few things like the colors he would prefer to see you wearing, whether he likes those heavily embellished outfits or he prefers the subtle ones, etc. You can even show him a few styles online to get an idea of whether he would like what you are planning to buy or not. After all, keeping his likes and dislikes in mind while selecting your wedding outfit is a great idea. Don’t you agree?

You can even show him a couple of styles online to get a thought of whether he might want what you are intending to purchase or not. All things considered, remembering his preferences while choosing your wedding outfit is a great idea. Don’t you agree? For the groom also we have curated a list of all essentials

#5. Avoid trying too many dresses

bride wedding outfit a lot of options
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You may get tempted by the idea of trying all the styles accessible in the shop. But, if you will try each and every dress, there are high possibilities that you would wind up getting completely confused. Not only will it be a time-wasting process, but it will also likewise be hard for you to settle one single outfit. Thus, ensure that you resist the urge to save yourself from the disappointment of not having the option to choose. Wanna see some makeup looks that you can go for

#6. Check the fitting very well

bride wedding outfit fitting
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The wedding dress is normally very heavy, and somewhat hard to deal with as well. You will have to bend down to touch feet of the elders, stand for those long haul photo sessions, do different things while following a lot of rituals, and what not! So, it is important that the fit of your dress makes you feel comfortable in all the ways. So, make sure you check that before you finalize one.

#7. Lingerie is important too

bride wedding outfit mishaps
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It is important because it can imply make or break your entire look! An ill-fitted bra won’t just make you feel uncomfortable, however, it will likewise ruin the ideal look of your blouse. Things like straps coming out from the sides, visible seams of the pads, improper size, and so on, can absolutely destroy your otherwise elegant ensemble.

#8. Do not get tempted by offers and discounts

bride wedding outfit offers
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There is nothing wrong with going for a bargain, but it helps to stay level-headed about the same. It is ideal to avoid the lure of online shopping or deep discounts. However, it doesn’t imply that you can’t get a beautiful dress at a bargain. But, make sure, you look at the dress cautiously for any tear or harm before you get it. What looks like a great deal should not cost you a fortune as you try to fix it.

#9. Always try the dupatta

bride in a wedding outfit and a dupatta
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Nowadays, a ton of brides picks the ‘double dupatta’ style for their lehenga. One drapes over their shoulders, and the other one goes over their heads. Well, if you also plan to go for this style, then it is very important to try both the dupattas with your lehenga. This will give you a better idea of whether both of them work out in a good way for one another or not. Even if you go with a dress with one dupatta, do wrap it on your head to check whether it is looking good on you or not. 

#10. Do not settle for the first one you see

bride wedding outfit photos
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As is it commonly said, there are a lot of fish in the ocean. You may completely cherish the main dress you find in the shop, but don’t tragically buy it right away. You never know, the following one you see may look far superior! So, just simply waitlist your alternatives and after seeing all, make your decision. Here are some things that should be in your cart before your wedding.

#11. Click pictures of the one you finalize

bride wedding outfit photo
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Most of the shops would not allow you to click photos of the outfits to protect their design from being replicated. But, when you purchase the outfit, they will without a doubt allow you to click as many pictures you want to. Also, doing this will be valuable for you in two different ways. Right off the bat, it will be simpler for you to search for matching jewelry and accessories. Secondly, when your outfit finally comes from the showroom, you can cross-check whether you have got the one with the same detailing that you had selected or is it a bit different.

#12. Keep your wedding venue in mind

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If you are going to have a closed wedding venue, at that point you can stand to wear a vigorously embellished and layered outfit. But, if it is an open-air wedding, then go for a dress keeping the suitable and possible weather in mind. Here is a checklist for the bride and groom must-haves.

#13. Keep the footwear in mind

wedding outfit footwear
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While you probably won’t have bought the footwear that you would wear on your wedding till now, you will, in any case, be having a rough idea of how high heels would you go for. So, remember to keep a couple of comparative heels in your sack. This will help you to check during the trial, whether the combination of the dress you selected and the heels that you will wear, is comfortable or not.

#14. Keep yourself properly hydrated

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Shopping binges can be very exhausting. Focusing a lot on just the shopping, and not your stomach can make you unwell. So, keep something to eat and drink so you are appropriately hydrated and stay in a happy and cheerful mood! 

#15. Do not go for trials during your periods

Trials of wedding outfit during periods
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During periods, your stomach area tends to get a little bloated, and the whole body likewise feels a little heavy. Hence, giving measurements for your wedding outfit during this time is certifiably not a smart idea. Also, the mood swings that you are sure to witness can just add to the frustration that you will have while experiencing the hectic process of finding the right outfit for yourself.

As daunting as this task of choosing the ideal bridal outfit may sound, you can really have an amazing time doing it by following these straightforward tips. So ladies, remember to keep these in mind as you go out to find the ideal dress for the most special day of your life.

Happy Wedding! 

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